The Daily Blend for Friday, August 2, 2013


How do you get a city to read more books? Launch a design competition that gets architects and designers building urban, unique, and site-specific mini libraries. The final designs that have been installed around New York CIty are lovely. (Urban Omnibus)







  • PSU’s landscape architecture department welcomes their newest two faculty members: Christopher Counts of Christopher Counts Studio and international designer Maria DeBye-Saxinger. (Stuckeman)



  • CELA and ASLA target Federal STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) designation for landscape architecture. (CELA)



  • WLA interviews landscape architect Matthew Strange on his advancement into the Curbed Young Guns semi-finals, a contest that aims to identify promising up-and-coming talent (35 and under) in the fields of architecture, interior design, and urban development. (World Landscape Architecture)




  • Blowing, blowing, sold! In the federal government’s first-ever auction to sell off the rights to build an offshore wind farm, the winning $3.8 million bid goes to the Rhode Island company Deepwater. (NPR)


  • The entertaining tale of how Tara Smith, former marketing and sales executive, let go of her corporate lifestyle to embark on the exhausting, but exciting frontier of biodynamic (beyond organic) farming. (NY Times)


  • Thomas Rhiel, founder of the website Bklynr, creates a beautiful color gradient map of each individual building in Brooklyn based on the date of construction, from before the 1800s to present day. (The Atlantic Cities)


  • Fancy a game of golf? London based graphic designer Ollie Willis is creating a typographic miniature golf course, for a total of–you guessed it–26 courses featuring each letter of the alphabet. (Design Boom)


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