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Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture 2022 – Winners!

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Here are the winners of the 5th Annual Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture presented by Land8 and the American Society of Landscape Architects! Social media has the power to significantly increase the awareness and importance of the profession of landscape architecture, and Land8 and ASLA believe industry leaders in social media should be recognized and promoted. Be sure to follow the winners to help grow and promote the profession!


1. TBG Partners – Instagram
At TBG, we use our Instagram to promote the practice of landscape architecture by sharing a behind the scenes look at our design process. With a mix of hand-drawings, diagrams, renderings, and built photos, we believe it’s important to showcase each phase of our work and make a concerted effort to explain the “why” so each element can be understood by those outside the industry. We share our work with the hope of inspiring others while also celebrating the work of our designers.

2. Wiktor Kłyk Landscaping  Instagram
My primary goal is to show landscape architecture as an art that evokes emotions. Variable art that can surround us and enrich us every day. It is also a source where I have the opportunity to receive the extensive feedback I need as an artist to grow. “The projects I show reflect my perception of landscape architecture. I grew up in Polish postmodernism deeply immersed in lush nature. I was influenced by raw buildings surrounded by spontaneously sown meadows.”

3. EDSA – Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook
We focused on making an impact in 2022 – within our communities, workplace and the profession. Through month-long features – like our campaign for World Landscape Architecture Month, we were able to focus on designing for the greater good, highlighting the people, projects and programs that have shaped the industry while providing a platform for initiatives that share our common goal. We also highlighted our people by celebrating AAPI Pacific Heritage Month, Pride, Pronouns Day, IWD and more.

4. Asakura Robinson – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
Asakura Robinson engages followers by creating posts that promote, support and educate all on the art of landscape architecture, equity and sustainable practices. The environments and communities we impact take center stage as we celebrate the people / places that make our industry thrive. Our firm shares quality content that entices readers to engage with us. Much like our core beliefs, we value the ability of public participation alongside our projects, creating space that encourages interaction.

5. Damon Farber Landscape Architects – Instagram
Damon Farber Landscape Architects uses social media to inspire, educate, and engage the public and communities that they serve. Their approach is free form, keeping up with what is currently happening in their work, culture, and the industry as a whole. DF/ uses this interface to display community engagement processes, design iteration, construction phases, and the celebration of built landscapes. Their social media approach reflects its people, full of variety, curiosity and passion.

6. dwg.  Instagram | LinkedIn
With the goal of educating and inspiring, we go beyond presenting the beauty of completed work to reveal the process required to achieve a vision. From soil science to tree relocation to AI experimentation, we showcased the behind-the-scenes work we do to improve our discipline. Our staff shared their experiences investigating dwg.’s own built work as well as landscapes explored on our travels, informing people within and outside the industry about the value of landscape architecture.

7. MRWM Landscape Architects – Instagram | LinkedIn
MRWM Landscape Architects uses social media to promote landscape architecture in a way that is accessible and informative. It provides the unique occasion to inform and inspire with the swipe of a finger, so we leverage this opportunity to showcase the profession’s many facets. Whether it’s a conceptual sketch, a construction site, a learning opportunity, or a platform to introduce our talented team, we see social media as one of our best tools to prove how important landscape architecture is.

8. Arterial – Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | TikTok
Our goal is to show how Landscape Architecture is intrinsically embedded into our everyday life and social interactions, and can spark interest and conversations. We share our knowledge and experience because we want our craft to be well understood so that people have informed opinions and can participate in the development of their own environments. We like to show what’s possible by sharing useful tips, achievements, facts, behind-the-scene glimpses, and more. Our memes are also pretty sweet!

9. NAK Design Strategies – Instagram | LinkedIn
NAK uses their social media platforms to engage and connect with industry professionals, students, and the general public. They utilize various platforms as an effective and engaging way to broaden the general understanding of what landscape architects do. Staff features, videos, and finished work are shared weekly with the goal of broadening awareness of the profession.

10. Pellettieri Associates, Inc. – Instagram | Facebook
Our Instagram educates and inspires our followers with many different aspects of landscape architecture. From planting tips to winter care for walkways, we keep our captions short and concise, in hopes of helping others maintain and improve their own landscapes. The best way to promote our industry is by encouraging others to grow their appreciation and love for their natural outdoor spaces. We use our Facebook page to share our team events and current projects with their friends and family.


1. Carter Roy – YouTube | Instagram | TikTok
I use social media as a platform to teach and explore the world of landscape architecture. Helping students, prospective students and professionals to better understand the field and visualize their future ideas, designs and other endeavors in this great field. Finally, Design It Green hopes to inspire the next generation to improve the environment and promote better health for people and cultures over time.

2. Nate Jaramillo Instagram
I’m nominating my coworker, Nate Jaramillo, because he does an amazing job promoting landscape architecture on Instagram. He shares compelling images, sketches, and Instagram Reels that show how exciting and rewarding the profession can be. He does a weekly Instagram Live where he shares valuable insights and answers questions about the profession. (Kyle Funk)

3. Eric Arneson – Instagram | YouTube | TikTok
Eric Arneson uses social media to engage with the design community by sharing his process and techniques, and engaging with audiences through memes. He emphasizes the use of new technologies, such as AI, in landscape architecture. He uses platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as educational tools and aims to increase his social media presence to reach more people and have a greater impact on the profession. [Checkout Eric’s additional Instagram page dedicated to the responsible and transparent uses of Artificial Intelligence in Landscape Architecture]

4. Nahal Sohbati – Instagram
Nahal utilizes Instagram to increase understanding and appreciation of the field. Her platform gives a look into the ebb and flow of her design process. She provides resources pertaining to design, technology, and horticulture, to benefit her fellow professionals and students. At the core of her efforts is the desire to connect with and foster a community of people who like to learn and share, as well as to inspire new enthusiasts to join the world of landscape architecture.

5. Zixu Qiao – Instagram | YouTube
LandSpace Architecture uses its social media platforms to engage and connect with landscape architects, students, and the general public. LandSpace Architecture shares useful tips for landscape architecture students and young professionals on its Instagram and website, and also shares free tutorials on its YouTube channel.

6. Mike Albert – Instagram
Mike’s passion, discipline, humility and his unique and unwavering desire to incorporate solutions that marry human engagement within the natural systems they inhabit is reflected in his diverse Instagram grid. His residential work has earned respect and long-term collaboration with many of the nation’s most progressive architectural design voices. His stunning outdoor spaces he creates to his travels capture his perspective on the power of landscape architecture to shape the world around us.

7. Maci Nelson –Instagram | Podcast
The Landscape Nerd (TLN) is an edutainment podcast/ social media profile for the nerdy side of landscape architecture. TLN was created to spread awareness of the landscape architecture profession and promote conversation across disciplines and industries. Through these platforms, I am bridging the gap between the profession and outside influences that impact our design processes- such as art, music, movies, and travel.

8. Salma Samaha – Instagram
Following the pandemic, I decided to use Instagram to share evidence-based simplified knowledge to empower people for them to request the quality and quantity of outdoor spaces they deserve as a basic right, for a better daily life. The idea is for them to understand that landscape architecture helps build a more equitable, diverse, healthy and sustainable world. This will help them reconnect with their outdoors to fight social isolation and spatial injustice and encourage them to engage in the planning of their surroundings through community-based designs.

9. Kiley Aguar – Instagram
Quintessentiallykiley is a curated page that examines the design of contemporary landscapes, highlighting both ethical practices and critiquing the absurdity in current practices. The page delves deep into the subject matter and offers a unique perspective on the issues and beauty present in landscape architecture today, with a mix of critical analysis and humor.

10. Chloe Gillespie – Instagram | TikTok
I use social media to promote landscape architecture through interviewing landscape architects about their projects from across the country and highlighting the stories behind the projects.

Top 10 Social Media Accounts – ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS

1. Landscape First – Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn
Born as a research project started in 2018, today Landscape First is an online platform that carries out a precise cultural challenge: to show the different facets that landscape can take on and the opportunities it offers us to improve the quality of life of communities and individuals. Our dissemination mission is carried out through our website and social platforms. We support transformation of cities and territories, promoting reuse operations, care of public spaces and urban spaces, etc.

2. Landscape Architecture Foundation – – Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
As the world increasingly turns to social media for information, LAF uses it to increase the visibility of landscape architects and spur action and support. LAF shares valuable resources; publicizes its research, scholarship, and leadership opportunities; and promotes the far-reaching impacts of the work it supports. By highlighting rising leaders and diverse voices, LAF spurs important conversations and showcases the discipline’s role in addressing issues like climate change and inequity.

3. Urbideias – Instagram
Urbideias offers technical solutions and visual interpretations about urbanism and landscape, in an innovative, soft and didactic way, combining depth, critical perspective and unique visualizations. They seek to positively transform and qualify people’s point of view about the city and landscape. Their main goal is to democratize the content about the city and landscape to many people, at the same time, from different locations, so they can strive for better cities in their own context.

4. Urban Play – Instagram
We work alongside Landscape Architects to transform parks into places that become a community hub that buzz with activity, boost the population of suburbs and empower communities to live happy and healthy lives. We promote landscape architecture through the promotion of these transformations via project images. Through our social media we also offer webinars and research-backed content pieces that educate and empower landscape architects to create well-designed parks.

5. LABash Conference – Instagram | LinkedIn
Each year, the LABash Conference engages, educates, connects, and inspires landscape architecture students around the country on various topics within landscape architecture. Social media posts promote this student-led conference by providing information on registration, funding, speakers, lectures, and activities to build excitement and support for the event. The account is passed along to other universities as a tradition, serving as an archive of past conference hosts

6. The Landscape Library – Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
The Landscape Library uses social media to feature projects and publish landscape-focused articles covering topics such as sustainability, technology, design and gardening while delivering online courses and other resources for professional landscape architects and designers.

7. University of California, Davis Sheepmowers – Instagram
The Sheepscapes Project utilizes grazing landscape management practices to redefine urban landscapes as multifunctional spaces that not only improve health and ecological sustainability, but also contribute to site identity, encourage engagement, and provide opportunities to pilot innovative maintenance operations. The project addresses the question: how can science, design, and practice converge to inform the creation of accessible green spaces that maximize cultural and environmental values?

8. Kansas State University Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning – Instagram | LinkedIn
Kansas State’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning provides the opportunity to engage current and future students, alumni, and professionals around the country through social media. Through Instagram and LinkedIn, we can share the impressive student work and abundance of enriching experiences in all our programs. Our content also highlights the positive influence landscape architects and planners can have in our communities and environments.

9. ASLA-Northern California Chapter – Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn
ASLA-NCC represents 900+ landscape architects along the north coast of California from Monterey to Del Norte Counties. Through social media, we promote our members + their work; celebrate their accomplishments; + connect a diverse + broad chapter by promoting our events, lectures, + tours. Our committees utilize social media to announce initiatives + resources that benefit members + affiliated student chapters. In April, we hosted a 2-week IG takeover leading up to chapter award announcements.

10. Landscape Forms –  Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Blog
In social media, Landscape Forms strikes a balance between stunning imagery and thoughtful storytelling. To best represent our industry and inspire our followers, we combine the aesthetically-pleasing promotion of our work with in-depth profiles on our design partners, project features and case studies, pertinent industry information and thought leadership, latest in product design and innovation, and the communication of our culture via employee features and community involvement highlights.

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Please visit Land8 again in December 2023 for next year’s call for nominations!

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