The Daily Blend for Friday, August 23, 2013

Mother Nature’s nasty appetite is getting even bigger. Last Friday, I shared a link about the sinkhole that swallowed parts of a resort near Disney World. Today’s environmental disaster was shot in Louisiana, where an entire stand of trees gets swallowed by an underwater sinkhole above a collapsing salt mine. (Colossal)




  • If you’re like me, every time you see the FDR Four Freedoms Park you’re reminded of that time you intended to go but kept putting it off since it was on Roosevelt Island. Thanks to video artist Barrett Doherty, you can take a virtual tour of the park in his 10-minute video in the meantime. Jared Green also gives us some background of the park that was originally designed by architect Louis Kahn and landscape architect Harriet Pattison. (The Dirt)



  • GSD Assistant Dean Stephen M. Ervin explores the burgeoning field of geodesign. (The Field)




  • Thomas Rainer examines a growing trend as landscape architecture moves away from orthogonal grids and towards layered incongruity. (grounded design)





  • This story makes me feel like I was born in the right generation. Millennials ditch the traditional “American Dream” of car and home ownership for a life that’s low on material goods, but rich with experiences (and biking!). (NPR)



  • Did the staggering amount of parking in downtown Detroit play a part in the city’s downfall? (Urbanophile)



  • Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his architecture, but ‘Conversations with Artists’ reveals his rapier wit and feisty critiques on everything from his contemporaries to the NYC skyline. (Brain Pickings)


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