The Daily Blend for Friday, July 19, 2013

Experience the beautiful and whimsy-filled life and death of a paper city. (The Atlantic Cities)




  • Three cheers for the Scots! The Scottish government’s revised architecture policy is now driven by place-making and recognizes the importance of good landscape design. (Landscape Institute)


  • Kids these days have the greatest toys…A highlight of great playscapes around the world, from the wooden snails in Sao Paulo to the avant-garde Rock Playground in Saint-Etienne. (Playscapes)


  • Have you heard of the Texas Three-Step…of Landscape Performance? The University of Texas at Arlington’s will take a stab at it by researching three large and innovative landscape architecture projects in Texas. (Landscape Architecture Foundation)


  • I love DC’s National Cathedral’s Bishop’s Garden. Beloved for its peaceful nature and intricate design–one of its principal designers was Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.–the garden sustained significant damages when a crane brought in to repair the cathedral collapsed and crushed parts of the garden. Choosing to look at the bright side, Adrian Higgins calls it “a valuable opportunity to revitalize the garden,” with input from landscape architect Michael Vergason. (Washington Post)


  • 10 whimsical and interesting design picks for the garden courtesy of Kate Watson-Smyth, who runs the blog 365 Objects of Design, a series that finds one unusual or interesting piece for every day of the year. (Urban Gardens)



  • Drumroll please…and the winner for the tree of the month is: American Yellowwood (Cladrastric kentukea)! As a multifunctional landscape tree with superior traits, Casey Trees is mystified as to why it isn’t more popular. (Casey Trees)
  • In indoor transportation news, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed new building codes to encourage taking the stairs. (WNYC)
  • Speaking of Bloomberg, he’s funding traffic safety worldwide. (NY Times)


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