The Daily Blend for Thursday, August 1, 2013

“The most ambitious architectural program of its kind worldwide” features artist Sou Fujimoto’s design, a large network of 20mm steel poles and latticed metal that covers an area of 3,800 square feet. His piece was given a bright boost by the addition of LED lights meant to mimic the natural forms of an electric storm. (Colossal)




  • OLIN walks us through the successes of Philadelphia’s Schuylkill Banks transformation to explain the power of incremental landscape infrastructure. (OLIN)


  • The UK wants to site future fracking operations in areas of “low scenic quality.” So, UK landscape architects, where might those areas be? (Garden Visit)






  • It’s your lucky day e-book lovers! Island Press is having a massive sale on over 500 environmental studies books, including books on water, food systems, cities, and climate. (Island Press)



  • University of Florida’s online Masters of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning releases an infographic that leads us through the achievements of who they consider are history’s most prominent and influential planners. Who’s in your top ten? (UFL)


  • What makes a place feel safe? A study looks at the small, often imperceptible triggers that can change how safe we perceive a space. (Atlantic Cities)


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