The Daily Blend for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Daily Blend for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Created by the same photography who brought us the deliciously elaborate Foodscapes series, Carl Warner ventures into slightly different territory with ‘Bodyscapes,’ a set of photographs that cleverly contorts human bodies into a landscape of rising hills, valleys, and ridges. (Colossal




  • The Kentucky Chapter of ASLA announced their 2013 Design Winners in the following four categories: Constructed Design Work, Non-Constructed Design Work, Constructed Residential Design, and Planning and Analysis. (KYASLA)


  • The National Endowment for the Arts invests $4.7 million in 59 creative placemaking grants, with three projects that will directly support the designs of landscape architects. Curiously, ASLA doesn’t mention how the House Subcommittee is trying to cut funding NEA by 49%. Maybe they’re not worried? It’s not the first time it’s been tried… (ASLA)


  • Our beloved National Park System is falling apart. To supplement the needed funding, some members of the U.S. Senate Committee suggest tapping into the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), one of our greatest and overlooked assets, in exchange for fully funding the LWCF for a decade. Others disagreed, saying that it would be an inappropriate use of LWCF funds. What do you think? (ASLA)


  • Decreasing tourism numbers leads casino-famous Atlantic City to turn their hands to reinventing the city, starting with a contemporary outdoor sculpture park designed by Balmori Associates. (The Dirt)



  • Remember the golden rule: correlation does not mean causation. However, the groundbreaking research that strongly suggests sprawl as a major limiting factor to upward income mobility is worth looking into. In ‘Stranded by Sprawl,’ Paul Krugman shares his thoughts on how city planning affects income mobility. (NY Times)
  • One neighborhood. One month. No cars. For the entire month of September, the streets of Suwon, South Korea will be completely car-free as part of the world’s first Ecomobility Festival. (Ecomobility Festival)
  • As our world heats up, trees in the west lose their ability to survive wildfires. (NPR)
  • A pair of satellite images released by NASA show the shocking effects of historic drought on New Mexico’s largest reservoir. (Yale)


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