The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture, by Tim Waterman | Book Review

The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture, by Tim Waterman | Book Review

One of the hardest things to do in landscape architecture is to explain what we do. What makes the book “The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture” stand out as exceptional is that it is a clear and concise record of not only what landscape architecture is, but WHY it is so important. This book is obviously written by an educator — someone who not only intimately knows and understands landscape architecture, but who is also well versed in communicating to a diverse audience in plain English.

The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture by Tim Waterman

The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture by Tim Waterman, Click the image and purchase the book today!

What the book is about The sheer number and quality of inspirational images of landscape projects would be enough to classify this title as a “coffee table book”. On the other hand, the diagrams and level of information — such as the useful timeline at the beginning of the book — are equally of the standard of the very best textbook or technical manual. It is the text, however, that sets this book apart. It takes you on a journey from the very fundamental beginnings of describing what landscape is to a detailed analysis of the process of a landscape architecture project. What to expect from this book “The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture” is set out in six clear and logical chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of landscape. Each chapter builds on the one before to give a complete guide to the subject and explain what a landscape architect does. Click here and get the book Each page is set out with images and diagrams that illustrate the points conveyed in the text. The images have been chosen to be both beautiful and thought provoking. Each image is accompanied by a call-out citing the project, designer, and, where appropriate, references.
Tim Waterman

Tim Waterman

Who the book is for The book will appeal to a wide audience. Although the title might suggest that the book is intended for the uninitiated, I believe many seasoned landscape architects will also gain much from the book’s holistic approach to landscape. Click here and get the book The book will also immensely benefit those who wish to find out more about landscape architecture. In fact, I would suggest that it is essential reading for anyone considering a profession in landscape architecture! But “The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture” is more than just a book for landscape architects. I would strongly recommend this book to any architect, planner, or engineer who regularly works with landscape architects and wants to understand more about the specifics of their profession. Why buy this book? It is neither merely a glossy picture book nor a stuffy academic book divorced from practice. “The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture” deals with not only WHAT we do, but also WHY we do it, and does so in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. Click here and get the book Added to that is the considerable value for money this book represents. Covering everything from the systems of hydrology and geology that make up topography to drawing practice and the design process,  this book covers so many topics it could easily replace several others on your bookshelf.
Garden and Parks section (credit: AVA Publishing, The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture by Tim Waterman, 2009)

Gardens and Parks chapter (credit: AVA Publishing, The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture by Tim Waterman, 2009)

In conclusion, I would say that if you’re looking for a general book on landscape architecture that covers almost the entire spectrum of our profession, you can’t go wrong with “The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture”. It is clear, concise, and written in a way that will have you turning from page to page. If you’re a student, or someone thinking about a career in landscape architecture, this book is essential reading. If you are a professional working in the field of landscape, I would recommend this book as an excellent example of how what we do (and perhaps more importantly why we do it) can be explained in simple terms. All things considered, this is an excellent book worthy of gracing any student’s shelf, landscape practice’s library, or even any coffee table.  The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture About the Author: (taken from Amazon) Tim Waterman lives in London and lectures in landscape architecture at the Writtle School of Design in Essex. He is honorary editor of Landscape: The Journal of the Landscape Institute, for which he writes the regular column ‘A Word …’. Publisher: AVA Publishing (May 2009) Type: Paperback Page length: 176 pages Book review by Ashley Penn Return to Homepage

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