Three Things to Consider When Purchasing a Garden Shed

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Utilising an outdoor space or garden can be an excellent solution to a number of problems. Garden sheds are versatile outdoor equipment that are specifically designed to deliver beauty, durability, and strength. Whether you want to indulge in a new gardening hobby or store your old tools, consider these three factors before you buy a shed. The finest material and the highest quality Wooden sheds are the most common and traditional, but the exact type of wood will make a difference to a shed’s upkeep and longevity. Cedar wood sheds are the most resistant to rot, but you could buy a pine one for half the price, so think carefully about your budget. In contrast, purchasing a plastic or metal version will remove the problem of rot entirely.

Garden shed image contributed by  Samantha Waites from

Garden shed image contributed by Samantha Waites from

However, metal sheds are susceptible to condensation, compromising certain items stored inside. Plastic sheds are durable but much simpler to construct, so can easily be taken apart and moved should you move home. Yet, as with metal sheds, some might find these are ugly alternatives to a rustic garden shed. Whichever you choose, remember to give your shed a good look at before you commit to buying – they should be well-constructed, sturdy, and have no nails sticking out ominously. A cupboard or a summerhouse The next key element to consider is the size of your shed. Some dramatically underestimate the space they need. For example, if you are intending on storing a few bicycles, crates of garden tools, and a lawnmower, you are likely to need a structure that is at least 8 foot by 6 foot. Measure up your garden carefully too, as sheds are not supposed to be squeezed in! The reason to be Finally, the purpose of your shed will dictate some of its key features. Having a sloped roof may be more appropriate if your garden is surrounded by low fences or hedges, as it is less likely to stick out. On the other hand, an apex-shaped roof will offer more storage space due to the extra height. Equally, the insulation and ventilation of the shed may be an issue. Generally, it ought to stay cool in the summer, and retain heat in the winter, especially if you want to keep animals inside. With all of these factors, good research is essential. A garden shed can really improve your quality of life, but carefully selecting the right one for your needs will make all the difference. Hopefully, these pointers will help you make that worthwhile decision. Article contributed by Samantha Waites Return to Homepage This a sponsored article. If you would like to feature a sponsored article on LAN please contact us at Featured image: License: CC0 Public Domain. Free for commercial use / No attribution required

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