Wiesenplatz Train Depot | Basel, Switzerland

Wiesenplatz Train Depot | Basel, Switzerland

The Wiesenplatz train depot green roof was designed by Basel Architects, Baader Architekten and constructed by BVB Basel in 2010 as a part of Basel’s green roof mandate for all flat roofs in the city. Neighboring residents overlooking the roof were particularly happy about the roof noise insulation from the loud work that sometimes takes place in any particular train depot. 

The Wiesenteppich “meadow carpet” project was by far the most innovative living roof I came across in Switzerland. The wavy roof alone is architectural genius which is essentially a meadow with alternating waves over skylights which allow for natural daylight inside the building. The roof effectively connects nature with the city environment to provide a habitat for butterflies, grasshoppers, birds and other animals.
The roof meadow, abundant with tall grasses and other native vegetation was made possible through direct seeding. The hay substrate was cut from the Nature Reserve of Reinacherheide, the most species-rich meadow left in the Basel region. This process was supplemented with a seed mixture in late summer 2010. 
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