Your Very Own Herb Garden At Home

Have you ever wanted a green, money-saving, healthy hobby? Among many others, growing herbs at home is just that. 

Interestingly enough, there is a variety of herbs you can grow in the comfort of your own kitchen.  This is a great way to make every dish healthy and rich in both flavour and aroma. According to Dr. Brian Hetrich”half of the nutritional value of plants is lost within thirty minutes of harvesting”. This wouldn’t be the case if you had your very own herb garden at home. So what herbs can you grow?

Rosemary – rich in aroma, rosemary needs plenty of sunshine and water;

Thyme – the lemon chicken’s best friend, thyme doesn’t need much space. Just make sure it gets a lot of sunshine. 

Basil – Requires watering every other day and is very easy to take care of. 

Parsley – Many people leave this leafy green rich in vitamins to just sit on the side of their dish. This is a mistake, since Parsley is rich in vitamins A and C and just one tablespoon offers more than half of your recommended daily intake of vitamin K, essential for healthy blood. Doesn’t need much sunshine, or water. Just make sure it doesn’t get too dry. 

Sage – Used in many beauty products, it is high-maintenance, but well worth it. It needs sunshine, good soil and watering every other day. 

Chives – grow about 18 inches in height are relatively low maintenance and can be used in plenty of dishes. 

Dill – My favourite herb to use with salmon. Here is my favourite salmon with dill and garlic recipe. I started growing dill for this recipe alone. As for its maintenance, dill needs a large pot (deep too) and plenty of sun. 

Mint – rich in vitamin A, mint is great for the breath, digestion, nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, asthma, pimples and cavities. It grows fast and chokes everything around it. Give it a lot of space in a separate pot. 

When you grow your own herbs, this is an interesting idea to keep all the extra produce. Make these yummy herb and olive oil/butter ice cubes. Simply arrange your herbs in an ice cube tray and pour olive oil or butter till the trays are filled. Refrigerate and put in plastic bags. This way the base of all your dishes will be ready.  Keep sealed.

 For planting indoors, you will need pots of  similar size, accommodating the needs of the individual herbs, 100% organic potting mix and seeds or starter plants.

Another way you can arrange your herbs at home is to set up a vertical garden. This is easy, practical and very beautiful. One of your walls will be covered with fresh, healthy greens. What is there not to love. To set up one you will need to get familiar with your herbs individual requirements and carefully place the vertical garden in a place where your herbs will feel best. If they need sunshine, your wall better be close to your window. Your herb garden will also need a growing medium i.e. soil and internal watering system. This might make it a bit heavy.

If it sounds too complicated keep in mind that, even though, you might need some help with the construction, the maintenance of the vertical garden is relatively low, especially when you set up the watering system. In addition, such vertical gardens are fairly flexible, even though they can’t easily be moved around the home. According to professional Melbourne removalists, because of their flexibility even rented houses and apartments can benefit from such gardens since they can easily  be taken down and moved to your new property, provided there is someone to give you a hand with a bit of heavy lifting.

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals with plenty of herbs, spices and flavour! 

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