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Artistic fire pits from Fire Pit Art Rick Wittrig once purchased a fire pit from a “big box store” only to be immediately disappointed by the quality and craft of the product. Wittrig quickly took matters into his own hands, creating his work with the mission of creating handcrafted, long-lasting, artful, and functional fire pits. The features are welded by hand, shaped, designed, and molded with immense care. As an artist, metalworker, and craftsman, Wittrig says, “Where others might see a pile of rusty metal, I see art in the making.”

Rick Wittrig at work. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Rick Wittrig at work. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Landscape Use The designs by Rick are typically used as a focal point and gathering place in the landscape. While often specified in residential projects, installations by Rick Wittrig also have been incorporated into projects such as the Vancouver Olympics. The installations are intended to provide people with an escape as they take a break from the pressures of day-to-day living. As a node in the landscape, the feature serves as an element of triangulation, bringing together families, friends, and strangers to relax and socialize. Design: Third Rock
3rd Rock fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

3rd Rock. Credit: Fire Pit Art

The Third Rock Design is a steel sphere highlighting the element of water by removing the land masses of the world. This “inverse globe” puts the focus on water, our greatest natural resource. When the globe is lit, flames dance around oceans and through the cutouts, bringing attention to the fiery inner core. Design: Manta Ray
Manta fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Manta. Credit: Fire Pit Art

This contemporary design is reminiscent of the movement and form of the ocean’s largest ray, the manta ray. Similar to the rhythm of the wings of a large bird, the manta ray strokes its wings and glides through the water with grace and ease. These motions, characteristics, and forms can be seen in this elegant design. Design: Barefoot Beach
Barefoot Beach fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Barefoot Beach. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Whether placed at a beachfront resort or in a Midwest back yard hundreds of miles from the beach, the Barefoot Beach design conjures up fond memories of sandy beaches and gentle waves. The nautical theme features a pattern of shells and starfish surrounding the basin. While all designs by Fire Pit Art look beautiful with or without a lit fire, the Barefoot Beach design is one of the most striking due to the nature of the detail work. Design: Nepal
Nepal fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Nepal. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Recommended reading: Cohen’s Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits: Create the perfect fire feature for your back yard by Scott Cohen The uniquely designed Nepal piece is inspired by the form of a caldron and ancient incense burners. The burning of incense has many spiritual, religious, and meditative uses, including adjusting the energy level of an area, helping with meditation, and cleansing a space. When the Nepal belly is filled with wood and a rolling fire, it is symbolic of the soothing, healing, and cleansing powers of burning incense, bringing positive energies to the home. Design: Saturn
Saturn Beach fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Saturn Beach. Credit: Fire Pit Art

The Saturn design takes its form from the planetary symbol of the ringed planet. This more literal representation of Saturn is a hollow and halved icon of the second-largest planet in the Solar System. The Saturn design can also be ordered with a lid, making it a functional and stylish coffee table when the fire is extinguished. Other designs by Fire Pit Art
From the Asia series. Credit: Fire Pit Art

From the Asia series. Credit: Fire Pit Art

From the Asia series. Credit: Fire Pit Art

From the Asia series. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Mother Earth fire pit. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Mother Earth. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Overall Review It is important to understand the design inspiration behind each of the products offered by Fire Pit Art, as each is derived from a specific motif, symbol, or facet of nature. These features and others designed by Rick Wittrig can transform a residential landscape into a social gathering space for family and friends. Similar to a hearth in a home, an exterior fire pit becomes a focal point and anchor in the landscape. These handcrafted products blur the lines between art and function, striking a unique balance of elegance, contemporary style, and function. The company offers a complete line of unique and unparalleled fire pits, including custom pieces, which offer an opportunity to make a bold design statement. Article written by Rachel Kruse RETURN TO HOME PAGE

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