Book Promo: Google SketchUp for Site Design

I am excited to promote Daniel Tal’s new book, Google SketchUp for Site Design: A Guide to Modeling Site Plans, Terrain and Architecture. The above video gives a good inside on what the book has to offer. Here is the written description via the publisher’s website – Wiley (a proud sponsor of Land8Lounge – eh eh) – if the video doesn’t do the trick:

“Google SketchUp for Site Design illustrates a holistic approach to SketchUp: how it works and more importantly, what to do with it. Filled with tutorials from front to back, the book focuses on the start and completion of projects that include rich detail and expression. Each part and chapter of the book builds on the previous chapters and tutorial. Also included are links to supplemental on-line resources such as YouTube tutorials and free tutorial and example models from 3D Warehouse. The book is useful for all SketchUp proficiency levels including beginners, hobbyists, and professionals.”

Daniel Tal is a practicing landscape architect in Denver, Colorado, and a SketchUp specialist who conducts workshops and seminars on SketchUp for landscape architects and architects. He is an active member here on Land8Lounge by contributing blog posts and moderating the SketchUp forum category.

You can find out more information about Daniel Tal and his book here;

and on the publisher’s website here:


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  1. i want this book!! and i’m going to get it!!! great job daniel!

  2. Glad to hear your excitement about the book, Alex… : )

  3. it looks great !!

  4. Chào Anh!!,

    Thank you for your sharing,,It is so good and useful to me.

  5. I believe I flipped through this book at the ASLA Bookstore at the 2009 Annual ASLA Meeting & Expo and I found it to be very exciting. Seems like a great book fo beginners and experts with tons of illustrations…! Good find! and thanks Andrew.

  6. I just got this book recently from – it is GREAT! I am a very visual person so the illustrations are a big plus!

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