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Ecological Urbanism at Harvard Graduate School of Design

What do you think it is – ecological urbanism? I’m charged with putting together a slideshow for the Saturday night cocktail party and would love to represent a broader cross-section than what gets filtered through to the GSD. Help Me! Send me images or questions – Thanks!


Hence, the discovery of UCLA Extension, Landscape Architecture

March Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced Blending, Part 1

Whoa, where did the month go? Well we can’t let the month get away without another Photoshop tutorial! In this tutorlal we’ll go behind blanket blend modes and look at a more advanced level of blending with a highly useful yet mostly overlooked and misunderstood feature hidden away in the Layer Style palette. This feature allows you to hide or show elements automatically without the need of a brush or mask. This is a great technique when dealing with things that are impossible to crop and even the Blend Modes won’t work right because you may not want the entire object to blend, only specific areas. What if you want to create an image montage of a kid running through a misty fountain? Or birds flying through clouds? Or a fireworks celebration off the water from your newly ...Read More



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