Mermaids Heal the World

‘Mermaid’ is a private development-project designed by JDS Architects which aims to establish a large dolphinarium and wellness-center, together with hotel and holiday-apartments. The goal is to make ‘Mermaid’ the frame in which sea, air and light converge to stimulate the experience of health and wellness. With dolphins as the primary attraction, ‘Mermaid’ will offer a unique experience for the new ‘health tourists’ with focus on life quality, time, personal development and plenty of space for the individual.

To achieve this goal, ‘Mermaid’ has four main functions; dolphinarium in the caves beneath the hills, wellness-center within the smallest hill, holiday-apartments in the medium hill and hotel in the largest hill; a unique combination of program, combined in the mermaid island.

Since the inspiration came from a mythological sea creature that, “drown men out of spite,” (see Wikipedia), I am in agreement with our friends at Inhabitat who called it, “both ridiculous and incredibly thought-provoking.” Managing Editor, Emily Pilloton asks, “Is this just a glorified cruise ship? (With somewhat suspect structural support?) Or a new model for private development that truly is responsive to its aquatic surroundings?”

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You can also read about it on InHabitat


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  1. Are you serious? What on gods green earth are these architects doing? Again playing the role of an LA with no regards for the site location. I especially like the one in arctic circle with all green roofs, even the penguins are laughing at the design (check out the above images). I feel that this is downright dishonest to plagarize our profession. I think that they should be banned from any use of photoshop and banned from landscaping. You don’t see me designing buildings, I hire a consultant like a professional should. I would appreciate the same in return. Lets band together and call out these frauds for what they are, let’s call a spade a spade. Stay tuned for the next installment of archihackter!!!

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