The 10 Best Playgrounds of the World

The 10 Best Playgrounds of the World

If a space is suitable for children, it’s suitable for everyone. We take a look at 10 of the best playgrounds we could find and look at what makes them so special.  If we look at areas designed for children, we see that they are all different, even though they fulfill the same purposes: fun, stimulation of children’s imagination and creativity, and socialization. They must also be safe and secure. Some of the best playgrounds are small, some are spacious, some are thematic or mysterious, some contain a variety of equipment, and some are very simple. Whether they are modern and urban or made from recycled materials, each of these playgrounds is unique in its own way. There are a large number of really awesome playgrounds, but here is our list of the top 10 best playgrounds of the world, which every child would love to visit and discover.

10. The Playground at Parque Gulliver, Valencia, Spain

Anyone who knows the story of Gulliver and the Lilliputians can assume what this playground is designed for. A giant Gulliver lies sprawled on the ground. His body is actually a place to play, and the children are like Lilliputians who “walk” on his body. Each part is a special place to play — a slide, a ramp, scales, a cave.

WATCH: Tilt-Shift | Parque Gulliver | Valencia

9. Clemyjontri Park, Mclean, Virginia, United States

This is a playground for children of all abilities, offering swings, slides, and play equipment and a colorful view from the top of the pathways. The playground is divided into four rooms: the Rainbow Room, the Schoolhouse & Maze Room, the Fitness & Fun Room, and The Movin & Groovin Room. Each contains play and educational facilities and activities, such as a surface with the colors of the rainbow and a variety of swings, learning panels in the form of a maze, themed equipment (a racetrack, motorcycles, planes, and trains), and jungle gym components. Who could resist?

WATCH: Clemyjontri Park- Mclean, VA

8. Wright Brothers Playground, New York City, United States

As the name says, this is a themed playground with airplane-inspired play structures. Children of different ages can enjoy exploring the area. Like real pilots, children can even command the cabin of airplane! There are also signs indicating the characteristics of the first flight of the Wright brothers, rings and net climbers, swiggle stix, bridge and wobble pod bouncers, and more activities that can help children to have fun and practice their muscle strength.

WATCH: Wright Brothers Playground – New York, NY – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

7. A Toddlers Playground, Alfortville, France

Design in accordance with what kids need in their development — this is what characterizes this space. Many activities allow children to actively participate in the games. The playground is divided into three main parts: plot, adult area, and children’s area. The whole area is designed in levels, with different colors and textures so children can enjoy various sounds and develop their senses while also learning about the environment.

A Toddlers Playground

A Toddlers Playground. Photo courtesy of Espace Libre

6. BUGA 05 Playground, Munich, Germany

This playground is not a typical one. It does not contain the typical elements seen in many other playgrounds, but it is very interesting and contemporary. The inspiration for this playground is a relief that is presented here by combining two elements — grass and tartan — to form a corrugated, wavy surface that encourages children to walk and leap and also creates a feeling of being in a natural landscape. It is simply beautiful!

Images courtesy of Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten. Top photo credit: Müller Naumann. Bottom photo credit: picture- alliance /dpa / Andreas Gebert

Images courtesy of Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten. Top photo credit: Müller Naumann. Bottom photo credit: picture- alliance /dpa / Andreas Gebert

5. Van Campenvaart Playground, Hague, The Netherlands

Van Campenvaart playground is designed with the idea of “Natural Play”. The shape of the playground is like a red blanket, with many folds and ramps, because it is designed to welcome children with special needs. All children can play together and help each other. Elements such as climbing grips and tactile elements, a moving rubber mat, whisper tubes, a wide slide, a “concave” revolving disc and a hammock allow children to expand their boundaries and overcome barriers. See These Playground Related Articles:

Van Campenvaart

Van Campenvaart. Image courtesy of Carve

3. Base Playground, Belleville-Park, Paris 13, France

This playground takes full advantage of the terrain’s topography with a combination of wood, concrete, and parts of trees that create slopes that offer children a collection of different contents. It includes various passages, winding terrain, a gazebo, climbing ropes, and other features that are completely urban and push the boundaries of standard playgrounds by offering spatial and visual communication. See this awesome playground on Landezine

4. Water Playground, Tychy, Poland

This is not only a playground, it is a pleasure for the eyes! The main motive for the design was to create a water playground within the landscape. The shape of the field is like a swimming pool — even the bottom color is blue — surrounded by wooden benches. Within the playground are aquatic toys and flower fountains that spray water. This is the perfect playground for children, especially on hot summer days. At night, LED bulbs create a beautiful new atmosphere.

Water Playground, Tychy, Poland. Photo credit: Tomasz Zakrzewski /

Water Playground, Tychy, Poland. Photo credit: Tomasz Zakrzewski /

2. Playground at Zorlu Centre, Istanbul, Turkey

This is an adventure playground that creates an unforgettable experience! It is divided into several zones that represent special worlds. The playground is intended for both small and older children, with hills, capricious play shapes that host numerous play elements for the smaller children, with elements such as trampolines, spinners, climbing nets, hammocks, and slides. Walls, valleys, hills, water elements, and towers create a sense of adventure.

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center. Photo credit: Oguz Meric

1. Lazy Dayz Outdoor Children’s Playground, Owensboro, Kentucky, United States

The most important thing about this playground is that it is accessible and barrier free. The area of the playground is very large, and all play elements have been carefully selected. Interactive spray fountains, multifunctional playing elements, colors, and materials ensure that all children will really enjoy this place.

WATCH: Smothers Park in Owensboro, Kentucky

What are the elements that make child’s play interesting and innovative? There are many such spaces that serve not only as a playable environment for children, but also affect their development. The design of playgrounds today goes beyond just providing a place to climb and jump. It is the landscape architect’s job to design the best possible places for our children. Share your favorite playgrounds and innovations in children’s design in the comments below. Recommended Reading: 

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