Daily Blend: Tuesday, July 9 2013

Daily Blend: Tuesday, July 9 2013

One of the most beautiful tree-lined streets in the world can be found at the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Dense Tipuana trees planted in the 1930s line the 500 meter stretch of Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho. (Inhabitat)

(photos from Inhabitat)


  • EDSA, one of the top five highest-grossing landscape architecture firms in the U.S., is profiled in the Miami Herald, starting with their design work that helped transform the reputation of Fort Lauderdale. (Miami Herald)

  • In an effort to change Los Angeles’ reputation as a concrete-choked city, the City of Angels launched the 50 Parks Initiative in August 2012. Converted from a parking lot to green space, Spring Street Park, which was designed by Lehrer Architects, became the 16th and latest addition to the program. (thisbigcity)

  • New York City’s recently reopened Rockaway beaches feature a few new, storm-resistant upgrades designed by architects Jennifer Sage and Peter Coombe in collaboration with landscape architect Signe Nielsen of the design firm Mathew Nielsen. (Bloomberg)

  • The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects releases their 2013 summer issue of Landscapes Paysages, a digital magazine that includes the 2013 Canadian landscape architecture award of excellence recipients. (CSLA)


  • The Bloomberg administration will leave a legacy of parks–over 830 acres of new parkland created–but now the city is debating where long-term funding for those parks should come from. (Wall Street Journal)

  • New Yorkers find imaginative ways to use the Citibike bike share docks beyond their intended purpose. (New York Times)

  • Parks & People’s executive director, Steve Coleman, shares his inspiring story of determination and hard work to bring parks and green space to the impoverished, northeast neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. (Grist)

  • In the project ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,’ Belgian artist and activist Karl Philips transforms urban billboards into “small parasite apartments for urbanites.” (Pop Up City)

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