Land8 Happy Hour – DC Style

The 3rd Annual Land8 Happy Hour went of without a hitch (minus the minor microphone mishap, haha)! The event took place at Rocket Bar in Washington, DC on September 12th, 2010. With well over 100 members in attendance, this is by far the largest event to date for the lounge. It has been very exciting to watch this community grow and have opportunities such as these for members to socialize and share their excitement for this great profession. In addition to networking, raffles, and games, the Land8 Happy Hour was also the forum for the announcement of the first ever Land8 Planting Design Contest. Please take some time to check out the winners. Finally, thanks to everyone who came out to the event!

Now for some more pics from the evening:

A special thanks to Chris Whitis from SitePhocus for photographing the event. Check out all the event pics here.

Finally, thanks again to Permaloc for their wonderful support in making this event a reality!

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  1. Excellent shots, Chris! Thanks to everyone that was able to attend! : )

  2. What a great time! Thanks to all who made it happen.

  3. Haha, fully recovered 🙂

  4. radical, wish I could have been there!

  5. @Nick, it was an awesome time! Wish you could have made it, also. No worries, though. There will be plenty more where that came from… : )

  6. Wish I could have made it, looks like it went great! Can’t wait for Phoenix next year!

  7. Great time, can’t wait for the next one

  8. Looks like a good time was had by all. Sorry I missed it!

  9. Great event, it was nice to meet some young la’s. Good to see there’s some la’s that can shoot shuffleboard.

  10. It makes one thirsty looking at everyone with a cool bud in their hands. Maybe next year, I will be in one of those pics with a cool bud in one hand talking with yea’ll.

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