Filmtastic Fridays: Protected Intersections For Bicyclists

Filmtastic Fridays: Protected Intersections For Bicyclists

Bicycle commuting is booming in cities worldwide and the surge in bike-share last year indicates that this healthy trend is more than just a fad. A lack of proper cycling infrastructure, however, puts the urban cyclist at serious risk of injury or even death. Though our more cycling-conscious cities have adopted protected bike lanes and Sir Norman Foster has even suggested a pie-in-the-sky elevated bicycle highway, urban planner Nick Falbo says there’s a better way to keep cyclists safe: the protected intersection. In this incredibly clear and impressive video, Falbo explains how this Dutch-inspired design concept works.


From the description:

“Protected bike lanes are the latest approach US cities are taking to help their residents get around by bike. But these protected lanes lose their buffer separation at intersections, reducing the comfort and safety for people riding.

What the protected bike lane needs is the protected intersection.

This proposal for the George Mason University 2014 Cameron Rian Hays Outside the Box Competition presents a vision for a safe, clear intersection design that improves conditions for all users. Proper design of refuge islands, crossing position and signal timing can create a safe intersection that people of all ages and abilities would feel safe in.

Learn more online at”

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.


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