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I’ve been working on getting ready for my spring LARE review classes. I’ve put together some new overheads for the most recent section C vignettes I’ve developed. C19s parking problem has been fixed, and there’s a few minor fixes here and there. I’ve also developed a brand new vignette based on one from the December 08 exam. It’s a passive solar condo cluster with parking, stream setbacks and height limitations. All trees are sacred here.

I’ve also been organizing/codifying some general principles that apply to getting built items organized correctly on a site. The process has got me brushed up on the material for tomorrow.

On the E front, I’m heavily modifying an old vignette to change the parameters of how an athletic field is graded. The problem requires you to grade a road and parking lot tying into two existing elevations, but no suggestions of longitudinal or cross slopes are given, on allowable ranges. All water from the lot must drain into a swale which diverts water around a playfield to a stormwater pond. It can probably have several solutions. Did I mention that there is accessible parking and an accessible route involved?

I’d like to whip another E vignette into shape but don’t think I’ll have time.


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  1. Lessa,

    Yes. It’s early in the registration period.

  2. Any Section E webinars before June?

  3. Alec,

    Yes, probably starting in late March. At least that’s my plan.


  4. Thanks. I will keep an eye out.

  5. Just spent the last 5 days lining up a new venue for my LARE Reviews in Northern California. We’ll be at a hotel in Berkeley. Convenient to highways, subway and amtrak and closer to the airports as well. The view won’t be the same, but it’s not in the middle of near wilderness either.

    The other news is I will be co-teaching a construction & materials class at UC Berkeley starting next week. Gotta stop this and start working on the first assignment. I also started teaching site Engineering at the Academy of Art in San Francisco last September.

  6. Aughhh!  Just found out about your section 4 Bootcamp….alas too late for me.  Will there be any more sessions before the April LARE?

  7. Seattle. March 1-3. Check out the Washington State ASLA Chapter website for info.

  8. I looked on the Washington State ASLA Chapter website and did not see anything about section 4 Bootcamp. Is there a particular place this event is posted on the site. Is it not posted yet?  I definitely want to attend.  Please let me know when it is possible to sign up and how to find the place to do so.


  9. Karen,

    Write to the WA chapter office. They have a website with probably an e-mail address.


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