Excalibur: The World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

Excalibur: The World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

The Excalibur, situated within the Bjoeks Climb Center among the flatlands of Groningen, The Netherlands, is the world’s tallest climbing wall.  Towering 121 feet above grade, it stands like a monument over the surrounding landscape.  If the sheer height were not enough, a sleek curve 36 feet from the base provides an artificial overhang for advanced climbers and creates a dramatic element to the skyline.  

Want to give it a shot?  Your effort promises to pay off with a great view when you make it to the top, as well as some serious bragging rights.

All the aerial photos above were taken using a kite!  Learn more about KAP in my last post, Kite Aerial Photography: Site Photos from a New Perspective

[HT Inthralld. + DesignTaxi]

Additional photo credit: izismile 

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