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    Hi everyone,

    I’m hoping some of you out there may be able to give me a bit more clarity about pursuing a MLA I degree. I have my undergraduate BA in Environmental Studies (2015), in which I’m struggled to find an enjoyable full time job that pays more than $12 an hour..

    In my time off I have been really considering going back to school. As i’ve talked with many people and explored my interests in nature and art, Landscape Architecture has presented itself; however, I’m really unsure as to whether it will be the right path for the amount of debt I will likely accumulate and the seemingly limited returns.

    I like dynamic changing environments, with changing projects and goals. I do not enjoy daily monotonous tasks, or dull windowless offices. I’m very affected by my environment and immensely enjoy aesthetic atmospheres; I will admit I’m partially attracted to the field because I would hope that working with designers and planners would mean a beautifully designed office space 😉

    Anyway, I really like the sound of most of the programs out there and think I would have a good shot at some of them, but I am also very apprehensive about the tuition prices of some of them compared to the entry level salary… 100K for a 40K entry salary? What???

    I’m still open to other fields but haven’t really found anything that I feel combines science/nature/art/and society as well as LA. Urban Planning I suppose would be a close second, but I don’t really have any interest in making highways and traffic systems.

    Thoughts or advice?



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