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    Did you get a Surface Book or Pro? I cant image having gone through studios with essentially a tablet though it has been a few years since I have owned a Surface. Its too late to give my thoughts but an option down the line for you is to also get a desktop tower and a monitor. Transitioning between PC machines is pretty seamless these days and…[Read more]

  • Laura,

    If you provide your email I can do you one better than the study guide and provide the material participants receive from attending the annual study session. I am not quite to F so I am not sure how helpful the stuff is but its something…

  • So… give us an update on how the restructuring went.

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    I am curious how using Revit, an Autodesk software, is pushing LAs away from AutoCAD. I don’t have a lot of experience with working hand in hand with architects as my current firm’s focus is on master planned communities with civil engineers who solely use Civil 3D. From my experience in grad school working in integrated classes with architect…[Read more]

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    If I were to do it over I would probably go with building architecture. If you are competent there will be a job waiting for you nearly anywhere you want to live with at least marginally better salaries. The design and process is similar and certainly applies to science/nature/art/and society. All my competent architect classmates are employed in…[Read more]

  • To add to your thought… I am not sure whether getting an MLA helped me with my job search out of college, but I’m glad I did it. At U of Idaho an MLA was an extra 1.5 years and I learned more in that year and a half than I did as an undergraduate. It gave me a chance to work for a year side by side building architects and I learned a lot of…[Read more]

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