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    temp impact

    I have understood from the beginning what you where trying to say, although, you a rude in your delivery. But after reading some of the other comments you left in other discussions I knew the type of person I was dealing with…
    Contrary to what you assume, I didn’t just want to hear that I was correct, I wanted constructive criticism and dialog. And although you still called us ‘nuts’, I understood we all care for the same thing. I wasn’t wound up, just trying to get a conglomeration of opinions about the situation. I apologize if you thought this here Landscape Architect disagreed with your opinion, which is obviously the case. But, as you can see, I never thought you were wrong, I just disagreed with your delivery.

    We just want to see if more out there have had any success with getting through to CLARB. We wanted to see if more, like us, have a strong distaste for the organization. Oddly enough, it appears that the organizations that represent the candidates in the US has been complicating the format for a lengthy period of time. IFLA will be documenting these concerns.

    Thank you for the team effort. Best of luck to future candidates. Let this blog be a warning to those who are not forewarned by CLARB.


    Temp……………….You’re just WASTING additional TIME here!

    Change your “obsession” from complaining about CLARB to being “obsessed” with PASSING the L.A.R.E……It will be in your best interests!!!

    Good Luck!


    temp impact

    If you can’t tell… My last statement was intended as a sign off. No obsession here, just looking for constructive conversation. I appreciate your input. Based on your last comment,I thought you intended to leave this discussion… Thanks for the input. Tchau!


    “…I never thought you were wrong, I just disagreed with your delivery.”—temp impact

    I believe that like I believe you’re just sad about CLARB beating you for $5,000. Along with you thinking that the exam is easy, yet you started this thread to whine about CLARB. Your credibility is a big zero.

    Please stop calling yourself a Landscape Architect. You’re a LARE Candidate. There is a difference you know.

    I’m out!


    Once again…….I agree with you here, Craig.

    #1……Unless a designer is officially “Licensed as a Landscape Architect” in one of the 50 States……that person can NOT use the TITLE “Landscape Architect”.  Until you’re “licensed”, you’re a Landscape Designer. 

    #2…..Temp – you mentioned you have (10) yrs. of experience. And you’ve spent over $5,000.00 “trying” to PASS the LARE.  I’m have a problem with this picture.  What’s the problem???

    #3…..Temp – I highly recommend you hire yourself a TUTOR….a Licensed Landscape Architect who has passed the LARE who would be willing to coach you through the sections you’re having problems with.

    Now………………..I’m OUT.  I seriously hoping I don’t see anymore comments about this discussion in my e-mail in box.  GO STUDY!!!

    temp impact

    haha. you couldnt be more misguided about how i think and you assume too much. i started this thread for the reasons stated, not for the reasons you believe. read the discussion.

    I am a Landscape Architect, licensed in a different country. So I can use this term professionally and legally, even if not legally signed on project documents in the US. So, no thank you on that one. Your understanding of the situation is 0.

    temp impact

    #1 Oh, sorry if being licensed in another country means you’re not as privileged as the big time US title huggers…

    #2 where is this mentioned? The money includes travel and lodging. the exams are expensive, so is the travel for me. If you have a problem with the breakdown in cost read the discussion again and find the section where I broke it down. That’s nicer than trying to raise stupid questions like this one.

    #3 who needs a  tutor? Who is having trouble passing? Not me. This is about CLARB taking credit not trouble passing a simple exam. Stick to the subject my friend.


    Listen Mr. “how do I leave this conversation” I thought you were gone from the conversation… But I guess you have changed your name to Mr. “I have to get the last word in after everyone else”.

    By the way who is wasting time? The guy discussing a current situation with CLARB, or the seasoned professional who really has no business wasting his time on measuring belt sizes with someone like me…

    temp impact


    did you read the comment… that’s what i said…

    digging a hole… haha. you don’t even know where in the world I am from, where i practiced, or what type of businesses I have helped run… this is how ridiculous you guys have made this conversation. First off, I never mentioned in this discussion anything about practicing for 10 years. anyone can have ten years of being a licensed landscape architect in another country, calling themselves a landscape architect, and never have sat for the LARE.

    Think outside the box…

    Once again you are turning this discussion into something that its not intended to be. Once again, whatever candidate might try to read this feed for information about CLARB (which should have been the entire point of the conversation) will be poisoned by your off the wall inaccurate personal attacks. Sometimes people go through their entire lifes not staying on subject… I understand. But for the remainder of the conversation let’s try to say something useful , and again stay away from desperate personal attacks. Haha. god bless.

Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)
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