Where are Obama’s Green Jobs?

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    Trace One

    You are defending FRACKING???Right.. and you know, if you guys would vote to raise taxes on rich people a quintillionth of a cent, instead of adhering to some amorphous ideology that ALWAYS ends up with more money for banks and oil companies, social security and medicare would BE FINE!!

    Right now we are paying for at least two wars fought FOR the OIL industries..

    And none of your rationalizations make working for natural gas OR oil  the right thing to do..I can understand having to take the job – yes, of course..But to try to defend it ideolgically with a total blind eye to any downside to the ultra- ultra- rich- on-the-backs-of-slavery-and envirnonmental destruction – NO, that is wrong..

    This computer is a petroleum product..But I don’t eat meat, didn’t have kids, bike to work, and haven’t bought a new car since 1986, AND in EVERY STUPID JOB i have had, and they are LEGION, I always try to work towards the good, in whatever small way I can, and I mean THE PUBLIC GOOD, not the good of greenbacks in my pocket..

    and to compare our impact on global warming per capita to the third worlds of china and India is ignorant, to say the least, obstructionist, blind to reality, and woe-fully ill-informed.

    Yes, we all have to do stupid things to live..But it is our job to understand our place in the world, also, and you don’t seem to care a whit for anyone but yourself..

    Oil and gas are so done, and Europe is so over that question – they are acting on it, and have been for years..it is an embarassment, to hear how much the industry has perverted the argument so they can continue to despoil the earth for filthy lucre..

    Whens the last time some idiot drove to the 7-11, because of cheap gas, built on the backs of environmental degradation and slavery (see who staffs our compound in Iraq, that huge war for the oiil industries..)..Gee, maybe if that oil had it’s proper price put on it, that Big Gulp purchased with a Hummer for transportation, would not get drunk – OH, HOW UNAMERICAN!!!!

    I’m sorry, I call that a word that begins with s and ends with d, if you want to be coy….

    Alan Ray, RLA

    Tracie, you just like to bully anyone that does not agree with your leftist, socialist agenda…..

    and please try to be more civil toward your fellow human beings….you are nobodys judge.


    ALEX P

    Its not a slogan?  you must not have watched tv, seen an advertisement, been in a big box store, or had your eyes open for the past 5 ish years.  Green means about as much as the word natural.  Its a man made construct, so i guess you were right by calling it scientific.  It is just the latest buzz word in the sustainability family.  Make your poster the colour green, use papyrus and there you have it: your are now “green”  Oh and of course, use prairie!

    Heather Smith

    Alan Ray, RLA

    Tracie, yes I am a creationist. Have you never created anything?

    Trace One

    sad, Alex.. and mr. schmid, unfortunately ‘society’ means we are in this together..your choices affect all of us….and our children…

    Trace One

    hee! I like that, Heather..It’s only once a month or so, I really like to rant pointlessly at on-line imaginary foes…Better than taking it out on my dog..

    no ranting today, going to a Clarence Thomas fundraiser! there will be enough racist rants and comedians in black face for everyone!

    Trace One

    but I have children that I love..


    Energy companies are externalizing the true cost of extraction of petro, natural gas, and coal. I agree we will probably need an energy policy with a mix of sustainable and traditional. But in the end conservation is by far the best thing we can do. I believe carbon trading will be apart of the future, which will incentivize efficiency and localization of supply chain management. Consulting companies like McKinsey, Deloitte, and KPMP are all starting sustainable or green consulting units, so they multinationals are betting on this as well. There will be a green economy. Trace one is correct the true price of gas in america is heavily distorted. There will eventually be Pigovian taxes to correct these distortions.

    Jon Quackenbush

    No, its a branding.  It has been perverted to the point where i have seen SUV’s who get 2 mpg more than their predecessors being advertised as the green option… right.  so now that boat gets 22mpg highway, I should feel good about myself for making such a huge difference.


    Rob Halpern

    It’s rather hard to see ANY private vehicle — no matter the fuel — as “green” UNLESS it’s a color

    Craig Anthony



    What “few things” has Obama done right, Roland? Lets see the so-called changes we can believe in: Extended the Bush tax cuts for the ultra rich, Gitmo is alive and well, the mid-east wars continue, Wall Street never got any reform, and he behaved like Bush by getting into the Libya mix. Now we are on the verge of spending millions of $$ on the war front. Congress is voting on it soon.

    What’s with this country? The love for Guns, violence and wars! Maybe if we didn’t have so many military bases sprawled across the world, there would be less national security interest and threats.

    The sole reason for my vote for Obama is because I REALLY did think he would end the wars. Fooled me once, can’t fool me twice.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    The hopers make fun of the prayers and the prayers make fun of the hopers. They are in fact the same thing.


     They are what you do in order to solidly believe in an outcome without thinking.


    You can hope. You can pray.  … or you can think.    Who is doing the latter?




    Jon Quackenbush

    Anyone doing the latter is probably cynical like me.

    Democrats: Hope we’ll do the right thing.
    Republicans: Pray we’ll do the right thing.
    Thinkers:  Know that neither will.

    Unrelated thought for this morning:  Espresso is one of man’s great discoveries, it is joined with fire, the wheel, bread and vacuum tubes for guitar amps.

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