Hand Drawing Tutorial: How to Draw a Tree

Hand Drawing Tutorial: How to Draw a Tree

Drawing trees is an essential part of landscape architecture. The most important thing to understand is the level of detail we want to apply to a tree. The type of drawing we want to use for a tree depends on the scale. We abstract the trees that are more distant and apply more detail to the ones up frot or the ones we want to emphasize. This video explores the techniques for drawing trees. While there are infinite ways to draw a tree, I tried to narrow it down to three different techniques I use.

Linescapes is a project focused on exploring drawing techniques for recording and analyzing landscapes. It also tries to promote hand-drawing in landscape architecture. You can also follow Linescapes on YoutubeTwitter, and Facebook

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  1. If you can’t draw a tree by the end of high school then landscape architecture might be the wrong major for you. . .

  2. I can’t draw trees.

    Now I come to think of it, I just can’t draw.

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