How to Draw Like an Artist with These 10 YouTube Tutorials (Part 2)

How to Draw Like an Artist with These 10 YouTube Tutorials (Part 2)

After the success of our first article on How to Draw Like an Artist with These 7 YouTube Tutorials, we had to follow it up with a second, more advanced collection. The list below is a diverse mix of tutorials giving tips on drawing with graphic pencils, pens, and charcoal. This time, we chose more advanced videos, since most of you already have basic drawing skills. The focus of this article is on landscape drawings and detail drawings that are helpful for every landscape architect or student. Here are 10 videos to boost your motivation for improving your drawings:

1. How to Draw Easy but Good-looking Trees

One of the must-have skills for landscape architects is drawing trees. Not only do we need to be able to quickly sketch a few green lines, but it is also important to include some of the details — or is it? The author of this video offers some simple tricks to improve your tree-drawing skills. In his opinion, it is important NOT to lose yourself in drawing all the detailed leaves, but to instead concentrate on making every tree a composition as a whole. WATCH: How to Draw a Tree

2. How to Draw Phenomenal-looking Trees (with subtitles)

If drawing “good-looking” trees is not enough for you, check out this video (and even if it is, please watch because these trees are fantastic!) In my opinion, this artist draws the most beautiful and diverse trees with pencils. Don’t let the language barrier of this video become a problem: There are English subtitles. Just watching his hands draw those lines makes me want to be able to draw like this so badly. Don’t forget to check out his other tutorials. WATCH: Drawing tutorial – Different trees | Kurs rysunku – Różne drzewa [S02E02 ENG/PL]

3. How to Draw Scenery in Perspective

This is a fluent, eight-minute video that shows how to draw advanced scenery of a rural village in one-point perspective. The details of the scenery are beautifully chosen, allowing the drawing to come alive. WATCH: How to draw a scenery in perspective

4. How to Start Landscape Sketches

This video explains how to break down a photograph into simple elements that can then be transferred over to start a sketch. It is a great help for anyone who is not confident when starting to copy a photo. WATCH: How to start a Landscape Sketch

5. How to Sketch and Draw Urban Scenes

In the process of becoming a good landscape architect, one needs to learn how to make quick sketches of the project site and its surroundings. This video gives tips on how to start with those sketches. WATCH: Urban Sketching & Drawing Outdoor Scenes Pt 1 | Some basics

6. How to Draw Landscapes with Charcoal Pencils

In this video lesson, the author creates a landscape using only charcoal pencils. Among pen drawings, the charcoals are a very important tool to fast-sketch shades or create scenery such as this. The result is something astounding. WATCH: How to Draw with Charcoal Pencils – Landscape Sketching

7. How to Draw a Waterscape

This video suggests a rather easy way of drawing calm waves in the sea. Additionally, it shows how to draw a discreet background with clouds. Other Articles You May be Interested in: 

WATCH: How to Draw a Sailing Boat – How to Draw a Sea – How to Draw Clouds

8. Fast-sketching People

This urban sketching demo encourages us to always have our sketchbook as well as a pencil and pen ready, because there are always very interesting motifs to capture. Sketching people is a must-have skill for landscape architects, since including people gives every conceptual drawing the perfect finish. WATCH: Urban Sketching Demo : People in the Metro

9. How to Draw a Realistic Face (and Finally Get the Proportions Right)

With this video, you can learn the main techniques and rules of how to draw a realistic face and how to get the right proportions. The author uses a modified grid pattern that reduces the complexity of the normal grid pattern most of us learned in school. This modified pattern makes it easy to understand the proportions of every face fast. Check it out if you’re not as good at face drawing as you would like. WATCH: Realistic Drawing tutorial- Getting Proportions Drawn Correctly

10. How to Draw Eyes in Different Angles

This video demonstrates and explains how to draw the eye shape correctly and how to give it form by shading it. With this video, you will never be scared of drawing eyes again, and you will stop trying to avoid the eyes by drawing people only from behind. WATCH: How to Draw the Eye – Different Angles

Every artist has his or her own weaknesses. It does not matter if you are already an advanced drawer or just a beginner. The most important thing is to be aware of the fact that every one of us has an artistic vein and that this side of us can always be improved. These 10 videos are only a suggestion of where to start (or continue) with this improvement. I hope you enjoyed our new collection.

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