Landscape Architecture Internships: The Best Ways to Find Them

Landscape Architecture Internships

Article by Irene Crowo Nielsen – We explore some of the best ways you can get on the professional ladder and enjoy the benefits of securing your own landscape architecture internship.  You have made it this far. You are studying landscape architecture and you are now a step closer to your first job as a landscape architect. One of the smartest things you can do now to advance your career, get real-life experience, and prepare for the future is to land an internship with a landscape architecture firm, whether it is just for the summer or compulsory for your course. It is always a little overwhelming to step out into the real world, and a question that most surely will pop up in your head will be “where do I find one?” We at Landscape Architects Network (LAN) want to give you some tips that might be very helpful in landing your first internship. Keep reading and get ready to find that perfect fit.

Landscape Architecture Internships

  • LinkedIN: Did you know that LinkedIN has its own job search tool where you can search for internships by country? It is easy to use and gives fast results. Use your personal network for a contact at the company where you would like to intern. Make sure your profile is up to date and that you have a link to your online portfolio/website/blog (if you do not have one, you should make one; it will most definitely help your career).
  • Alumni network/your school’s job listing: This is a good way to start looking for internships. Talk to people in your school alumni network for a reference, talk to your teachers, show your interest. You will be surprised how many would be interested in you.
  • ASLA, AIA, and other professional landscape (and architecture) organizations around the world: If you’re not a member of a professional landscape organization in your country already, it is smart to become one. The organizations can help you on your path to becoming a landscape architect and answer all the questions you must have. They regularly post internships and jobs.It is also smart to check the professional architect organizations in your country, as they are becoming more and more connected to our field. In the United States, AIA (American Institute of Architects) ensures that if you get a student membership, it will help you upon completing your education through the connections you will make with educators, architects, designers, and other professionals.
  • Social networks: Search for internships and network on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networks of which you are a member.
  • Pick up the phone and pay a visit: Bring your printed portfolio along, and you will be impressed to see how many companies appreciate a good, old-fashioned “face-to-face” meeting. Show them your passion!
  • Generic internship website: These include,,,, etc. These are for the United States, but other countries will most likely have similar websites.
  • landscape architecture internships

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The Bottom Line for Landscape Architecture Internships

Obtaining an internship does not have to be an overly stressful experience. Try following these tips to help you land that first professional experience. If you succeed in your internship, you not only obtain the position you want, but also the know-how that can help you land your future job. And remember, if you do not get the first internship you apply for, there is always another one. Never give up! Good luck! What firm would your dream internship be at?


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Article by Irene Crowo Nielsen Featured Image: By La Citta Vita – Landscape architecture, BercyUploaded by paris 17, CC BY-SA 2.0, source.

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