The Daily Blend for Monday, August 5, 2013

The Daily Blend for Monday, August 5, 2013

Amazing and disturbing photographs of Texas’s most valuable landscapes–its feedlots and its oilfields–as assembled from satellite imagery by British photographer Mishka Henner. (Edible Geography




  • What can be done about Detroit? In addition to incorporating lessons of the city’s downfall into our classrooms, Tom Turner suggests looking at landscape architecture as a solution with a planned regeneration of the city’s ecosystem. (Garden Visit)


  • Urban Gardens takes us on tour of the lush, eco-friendly landscape design at Nizuc Resort near Cancun, Mexico. (Urban Gardens


  • The success of a landscape architect’s vision depends heavily on landscape management. Kathy Blaha explains how Atlanta’s Piedmont Park–the “Central Park of the South”–owes much to the management strategy of the Piedmont Park Conservancy. (City Parks Alliance)




  • How investing in walkable and dense urban development has turned rust-belt Cleveland into a magnet for millennials and baby boomers. (Atlantic Cities)


  • The first rule of fracking is: don’t talk about fracking. The background of how families are pressured into gag orders on the topic of fracking in exchange for self-preservation. (Grist)


  • In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Josef Alber’s Interaction of Color, Yale University Press released the stunning eponymous app for the iPad in honor of the “Bible for Color Theory.” (Co.Design)

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