Resolve to Stand Out in 2012

My New Year’s Resolution is to sketch more. This decision was inspired by a couple of things from the ASLA 2011 Conference in San Diego (last post on that here):

First, I attended an education session given by James Richards entitled “Freehand Renaissance Drawing and Creativity in a Digital Age”. Mr. Richards inspired me to do more hand drawing and shared a couple of cool sketching resources: Urban Sketchers and Sketch Crawl. You can also find lots of advice and examples in the Graphics group on Land8.

Secondly, shortly after the conference I chatted with two of the professionals who had worked as judges in the portfolio reviews. Below are some of the comments they shared with me about the portfolios they had seen:

  • Most were really well done; the graphics were superb in most instances.
  • There were some that could have used more work and attention to detail.
  • Some people do not have good graphic or drawing skills, kids need guidance and some were clearly confused.
  • Students need to work on their drawing skills, first year students should be required to turn in a sketchbook.
  • There were a few really bad portfolios. In those cases, we stressed that one needs to focus on the things they do well.

Let’s all dust our pens, pencils, and tablets off and get back to it! Thanks so much for reading; I am hopeful that I will be able to keep writing as much as I plan to be sketching, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re all working on as well.


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