The Daily Blend for Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Daily Blend for Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Talk about a Sonic Bloom. Seattle’s psychedelic new solar-powered streetlights are 40-foot flowers that sing to passerbys. (Atlantic Cities)


  • Penn State University’s MLA program achieves LAAB accreditation. (Stuckeman)



  • Landscape architects pride themselves on the diversity of their skill sets–but why isn’t that diversity reflected in our demographic numbers? (OLIN)





  • The next time you park your car, please remember to look at your rear view mirror before opening the door. You could save a cyclist’s life. (Atlantic Cities)



  • Mindblowing video of the massive Rim Fire burning near Yosemite National Park. (Skip to the 4:00 minute mark for a full view). Progress update: Rim Fire is 20% contained with a recent decline in wildfire activity across the nation. (NPR)


  • An ecosystem like no other grows on the summit of an extinct volcano on Ascension island, one of the most remote places on earth. This man-made tropical forest challenges the typical standpoints on dichotomies like natives vs invasives and Nature vs garden. Very, very cool article. (Yale)

Lead Image by Dan Corson

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