The Daily Blend for Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Daily Blend for Thursday, August 29, 2013

DUTCH LANDSCAPES: Artist Mishka Henner finds art in the pixelated patterns overlaid onto censored government sites in Google Earth. (Co.Design)




  • Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects takes on planting selection and design in their latest installment in the Green Team series. (Metropolis)



  • The 2013 Case Study Investigation (CSI) program came to a close on August 9 with a 1.5-hour information packed webinar. LAF released two of the presentations and encourages us to keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks. (Landscape Architecture Foundation)


  • James Corner and Field Operations have just completed a $46.1 million seven-acre park in Santa Monica, CA. Architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne applauds the execution of the gently rolling landscape but criticizes Corner for soft-pedaling the design. (LA Times)




  • Earlier this month I touched on agriculture-induced algae outbreaks in our waters. This time the Mediterranean coast is being invaded by an army of jellyfish because of overfishing and (probably) climate change. (NPR)


  • China’s got a bad rap for environmental destruction and greenhouse gases. Here’s a fascinating inside look behind what Chinese factory owners really think about environmental protection and the reasons why. (chinadialogue)


  • Kaid Benfield reminds us to not forget the peaceful meditative spaces in the rush to design lively and bustling places. (Switchboard)


  • Streetfilms gives us yet another fantastic glimpse into the power of placemaking–this time in Montreal. I love the colors on the site furniture! (Streetfilms)

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