The Daily Blend for Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Daily Blend for Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Think your rain gutters are too passé? Three Dresden artists transform their neighborhood gutters into a multi-story musical instrument. (Grist)




  • Say hello to the next generation of landscape architects. This summer, middle schoolers in Georgia got a head start in the world of planning and landscape architecture in a week-long educational camp, ‘Designing Our World.’ (APA)


  • The landscapes of the 21st century are moving towards a new ecological paradigm, trading in neat lawns for wild and vibrant native seed. Samuel Geer explores the paradigm shift and how to keep the momentum going. (The Field)


  • The land of the midnight sun has a surprisingly robust public-private parks partnership in Anchorage. A symbiotic team of landscape architects, the Anchorage Park Foundation, community members and legislators help protect and develop the city’s 500,000 acres of parkland. (City Parks)




  • Earthscape, a playground design/build firm, creates a fun, colorful playhouse using recycled doors and invites you to make one too. (playscapes)


  • As a near-record wildfire continues to burn through Yosemite, the U.S. Forest Service wildfire spending surpassed $1 billion last week with many blaming climate change for the rise in spending in recent years. (Inhabitat)


  • Tactical urbanism strikes again! The Dutch Cyclists’ Union wants to start an urban hitchhiking movement in Utrecht, where pedestrians can hitch a ride with passing cyclists. (Pop Up City)


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