Top 10 Useful Landscape Architecture Websites

Top 10 Useful Landscape Architecture Websites

Article by Mai Nguyen – We explore 10 useful landscape architecture websites, some of which can be used as a tool to present yourself and others can be used as a source of inspiration. Keeping up with contemporary trends and projects is important for landscape architects. It is always profitable to have good references for specific details and inspiration. The following resource can be a very helpful online library, providing practical knowledge and inspiration for any designer. Indeed, you can find in the following websites detailed information about appropriate plants to be used for a landscape project. One of them is recommended by BCA – the Singaporean Building and Construction Authority (BCA); others are worldwide-recognized landscape magazines recommended by many architects and professors.

Landscape Architecture Websites

10. Issuu

Issuu is an online library with tremendous references for designers in different fields, including architecture and landscape, which can be found in the group called Home & Garden. Not only does Issuu introduce numerous magazines; it also offers many good personal portfolios from different territories and styles. Moreover, the Issuu app is also available for Android and iOS. You can save the data to the “offline reading list” to read whenever convenient. Plus, you can also promote yourself by sharing your personal work here.

9. LinkedIn

LinkdIn is a business-oriented social networking service launched in May 2003 that is mainly used for professional networking. You can find many landscape groups on LinkedIn, such as World Landscape Architecture, American Planning Association, Green Cities: Smart Growth & Sustainability for the dense urban context, etc. Once you join the group, you can join in any discussion raised by group members, who are usually experienced and professional architects.

8. Extension of Utah State University

This website is built by the staff of Utah State University. Similar to House Plants Expert, it provides information about a wide range of plants, including scientific names together with other detailed properties. Each plant described on this website has both a common name and scientific name listed. You can also find data about lifespan, ecological adaptation, etc., to determine whether a plant is suitable for your design, especially if your site is in a different country or region that you might not be able to visit frequently. Plus, pictures are provided for better reference. The plants are catalogued in types, such as grasses and grass-lies, herbaceous, shrubs, and trees, or sorted in alphabetical order by common names or scientific names.

7. NParks – Flora&Fauna

For landscape architects/designers pursuing green design in Singapore or following the Singaporean standard, this website is a must-see. According to the Green mark assessment version 4.1, issued by BCA, greenery provision, “Greenery Plot Ratio is calculated by considering 3D volume covered by plants using the prescribed Leaf Area Index,” referring to plants mentioned in this website. In short, for landscape projects aiming for Green Certificate by BCA, architects/designers will find this address very helpful.

6. Landezine – Landscape Architecture works

Landezine is an online source started in June 2009. This website was also introduced once on by Slavyana Popcheva. Landezine always updates landscape projects that can be referred to according to landscape type, studio, country, city, and month and year of construction. Projects posted on Landezine are educational and practical references. Landezine sometimes also has information about international landscape conferences and events. Landezine can be subscribed to via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

5. Dezeen Magazine

Launched at end of November 2006, Dezeen has become one of the world’s largest and most influential architectural and design magazines. The first impression when you visit this website is that it is more about architecture; however, many interesting landscape projects can also be found here. In fact, projects in Dezeen Magazine usually show comprehensive integration between landscape and architecture design. Dezeen Magazine also provides information about jobs in the architectural industry worldwide.

4. ArchDaily

Similar to Dezeen and Magazine and Landezine, ArchDaily is also a website with a rich source of reference projects. It was founded in March 2008, and since then has received much positive feedback from many professional architects worldwide. Landscape projects introduced in ArchDaily usually do a good job of showing interaction between buildings and landscape design. ArchDaily also updates information about landscape competitions, workshops, and calls for entries (of conferences, awards, etc.).

3. Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) was introduced before by LAN’s Slavyana Popcheva. LAM was founded in 1910, and is a monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Its online source was introduced once on at “Top 10 Online Resources for Landscape Architecture”. This resource is useful for both academic and practical references.

2. Topos Magazine

Topos Magazine is a famous online source for landscape architecture and urban design, featuring a wide range of topics and scale. Projects introduced in Topos Magazine always have both academic and practical value and are recognized by international competition. Topos Magazine also has book reviews for landscape and urban design.

1. Places Journal

Places Journal is an essential online resource for any professional architects, including architecture, landscape, and urban design. The website introduces various critical articles relating to contemporary trends in landscape design theory. With the list above, future landscape architects can find qualified projects as case studies for university assignments, as well as inspiration for studio projects. Particularly, Issuu can be used as an online public library, with its wide range of data, including books, magazines, and personal design. Topos Magazine and Places Journal are trustworthy sources for landscape writings. Apart from the above, what are your favourite online resources?


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