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Green Power Towers

The Daewoo Consortium and the municipality of Gwanggyo announced the MVRDV concept design for a dense city centre winner of the developer’s competition for the future new town of Gwanggyo, located 35km south of the Korean capital Seoul. The plan consists of a series of overgrown hill shaped buildings with great programmatic diversity, aiming for high urban density and encouragement of further developments around this so-called ‘Power Centre’, one of the envisioned two centre’s of the future new town. Since the beginning of the millennium local nodes with a high density concentration of mixed program are used in Korean town planning. These nodes consist of a mix of public, retail, culture, housing, offices and leisure generating life in new metropolitan areas and encouraging further develop...Read More

Martha Fajardo Interview

MARTHA CECILIA FAJARDO, Immediate Past-President of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), received her Colombian Landscape Architect Master degree on Landscape Design at Sheffield University, England. She is also an architect-planner and obtained her title in Bogotá. Martha is principal of the company Grupo Verde Ltd. a firm dedicated to the professional practice of Landscape Architecture and Environmental planning, with emphasis on Urban Design and Landscape Planning. See her full biography on her FOLIO THE INTERVIEW: Below is an interview conducted with Martha Fajardo. All of the questions were originally asked in Spanish. Martha has responded in both Spanish and [English]. Translations for the Spanish occur below the original responses. I hope you enjoy this inter...Read More

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