e-architect Guided Architecture Walking Tours – All Around The World

e-architect Guided Architecture Walking Tours – All Around The World

e-architect have been doing guided architecture walking tours since 2000, in cities such as Edinburgh, London and Copenhagen.

They have architectural tour guides in most major cities across the world. The latest addition is Palermo (their 55th city) and next up is the central American country of Guatemala, bringing a more offbeat option for more adventurous travellers. The most popular tours are London, Barcelona and Istanbul. Although the typical tours are architectural e-architect have provided tours for many groups of landscape architects over the years. They have quite a few landscape architect guides on their books and most cities have more than one guide to try to accommodate different languages, for example in London there are guides who can speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Tel Aviv Building

Tel Aviv building on one of of e-architect’s tours| photo credit Or Kaplan

Tours can focus on traditional or contemporary landscape architecture, for example our Barcelona tours can examine the historic public spaces of the Barri Gothic or the newer public realm from the Barcelona Olympics period. e-architect can work on a tour itinerary and programme to suit your needs. Tours are typically by foot but sometimes by bicycle, bus or metro. e-architect is run by Adrian Welch and Isabelle Lomholt who both trained as architects. e-architect : architecture tours Composed by LAN admin.

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