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Capitol Singapore redevelopment, by Grant Associates, in Singapore. What would you do if you had $1.1 billion? I guess every one of us could come up with thousands of ideas and wishes to answer that question. When the government of Singapore faced this question, they decided to do something for the people of their capital city. They invested the money in the redevelopment of the Capitol, a very important and interesting heritage site in the city’s downtown civic district. According to Keith French, director at Grant Associates, the new design will have respect for the existing elements of the Capitol: “The Capitol landscape and public realm strategy have been developed with a respectful approach to the civic and heritage setting (with) consideration of the vistas and views through to the Capitol Theatre, as well as the views out to the adjacent St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Capitol Singapore

Capitol masterplan. Image credit: Grant Associates

Capitol Singapore

The site comprises three existing buildings: the Capitol building, the Stamford House and the Capitol Theatre. These will be supplemented by a new build integrated into the theater. This new blend will feature four elements: luxurious residences (Eden Residences), an ultra-luxury hotel (The Patina), a retail mall with flagship stores (Capitol Piazza), and the existing Capitol Theatre.

Capitol Singapore

Capitol Aerial. Credit: Capitol Holdings

Beneficial to the Public or Not? You may ask yourself: How can such an expensive and high-end project benefit the broad population of Singapore? Isn’t this redevelopment going to be yet another expensive project catering to Singapore’s wealthy few? The answer to that question is definitely no. See Other Articles with Grant Associates:

This high-end project isn’t going to be just a luxury site; it will be complemented by a restored public realm, including a new civic plaza with a focus on city events and activities, alongside residential roof gardens and terraces. In this way, the redevelopment will provide a new attraction for the broad population. Or, as French puts it: “A new city plaza is at the heart of the scheme and the central focus of the development. It is conceived as an original and crafted civic space that will be a new destination for Singapore — a space for events and theater, red-carpet galas, a place to gather. a place to rest and seek shade.”

Capitol Singapore

Night View to St. Andrews Cathedral. Credit: Grant Associates

Contribution to Singapore’s Public Realm The centerpiece of this public part of the Capitol redevelopment is going to be an extraordinary place, by both day and night. The central plaza will include water walls for an audio-visual spectacle and carefully positioned furniture to encourage people to meet and gather.
Capitol Singapore

Water Blades. Credit: Grant Associates

Bound by a Paving Arrangement It isn’t easy to create a consistent design for a place with a variety of styles. To assure the unity of the new design, the paving arrangement is a key factor.
Capitol Singapore

Plaza Paving Detail. Credit: Grant Associates

Capitol Singapore

Capitol. Credit: Grant Associates

Inspired by natural patterns and arranged as a double radial grid moving across the site, the flowing lines of the pavement encourage movement and connection, linking the various developments into one overall place. Paving arrangement in the Capitol Singapore, photo credit by Grant Associates Heritage in a Gallery Alongside the plaza, the site houses yet another destination for dining and events: the Galleria. The Galleria is a sheltered street protected from weather by an ultra-light cable-truss roof fitted with glass panels. The design symbolizes the historic and iconic open-air markets of Singapore. This will be accomplished by suspended shade sails and planted spheres. An additional advantage is that the spheres and shade sails will manage the solar heat.
Capitol Singapore

Galleria. Credit: Grant Associates

Private Development Alongside the plaza and the Galleria, both designed for the public, the third level of the Eden residences houses a series of themed gardens, including a reflexology garden with a sensory barefoot trail, a scented walk, and a ginger garden. The crescent-shaped swimming pools are bordered by red Erythrina with specimen trees on the roof garden.
Capitol Singapore

Amenity Deck with Infinity Pool. Credit: Grant Associates

Capitol Singapore

Private Penthouse with Infinity Pool. Credit: Grant Associates

Mixing the Public and Private Realms By combining a luxury project with a public, more accessible component, Grant Associates manage to make the people of Singapore the beneficiaries of the new downtown luxury development. Mixing the public and private realms guarantees an interesting exchange and interaction. This site shows us that by using design, one can bring people of different backgrounds and walks of life together in harmony. And, as an extra, the future Singapore’s shows, events, and so much more will be held in a glamorous and wonderful new environment.
Capitol Singapore

Above: Apartment Interior and Exterior. Credit: Capitol Holdings. Below: Spa Pools. Credit: Grant Associates

Full Project Credit:  Project: Capitol Singapore Location: Singapore’s downtown civic district Budget: $1.1 billion Size: 1.43 Ha Client: Capitol investment holdings

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