Keeping Your Garden Healthy During Winters : The Upcoming Trends

Garden Healthy During Winters

We take a look at how to keep your garden healthy during winters, covering a rang eof tips that will ensure you get the most out of your outdoor space.  Now here comes the autumn; a perfect time to give more attention to your home garden! It has served you during scorching summer and has soothed your nerves with its beautiful flowers. Now, during winters, it deserves extra care to be lush, beautiful and healthy garden for spring ahead. To your service and knowledge, garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms, brings easiest, most effective and handy tips on how to maintain your garden during winters as well as upcoming garden trends that you must follow.

Garden Healthy During Winters

1. Preparing & Maintaining Your Lawn:

For new lawn, dig and turn over the soil. Rake and settle it. Your garden may get plenty of water naturally over the winter, but if your region has little rain then you may want to consider investing in a quality watering tool, such as Gilmour garden hoses, to keep your plants healthy. To prevent weed growth during spring, this is the best time to apply herbicides and keep your lawn clean. Keep on mowing the grass during the fall and keep the length at medium so that sunlight can reach the grass easily and prevent it from turning brown. Rake the fallen leaves otherwise it would suffocate the grass and cause fungal disease.

2. Taking Care of Plants:

Few plants go dormant during winters. You must cut off blackened stems and clear dead foliage like annual flowers to prevent spread of disease. To prevent erosion, retain moisture and enrich the soil, spread mulch all over the soil; fallen leaves are a good source of mulch so better use it.

3. Equipment at Rest:

As mowers, are not needed; you must check and remove the battery/engine before storing it. Run it out of fuel, clean the blades, wrap external pipe with coarse fabric and store it in dry place. Apply some lubricant on tools like edger and pruning shears to prevent corrosion.

Upcoming Trends for your Garden:

Since you have planned to decorate your new garden for upcoming season, you would love to consider the following latest trends:

1. Landscaping:

It has attracted a lot of homeowners, primarily, because of its time, energy and money saving nature. Landscaping your home releases you from the stress of mulching, pruning, trimming and lawn mowing. It not only preserves nature and creates beautiful environment, but also requires little maintenance.

2. Contain Berry Bushes:

Fed up of large berries bushes in your garden? Save space and use those pots and containers in your backyard! These colorful berries are the beauty of your garden that you would love to retain, decorate and move whenever and wherever you like. Containers are very easy to maintain, retain and give your garden that breath taking mosaic look.

3. Growing Herbs:

Growing herbs is popular among kitchen gardeners and luckily it is easiest to plant. Even the empty windowsill can be used for this purpose. The twofold advantage: fresh herbs and decoration at its best.

4. Garden Rooms:

This trend is becoming popular among homeowners who need to have a separate soothing living place, a home office or hobby room, within budget. Garden rooms are insulated and hence, can be used all the year round.

5. Hi-tech Garden Gadgets:

The use of hi-tech gadgets has made gardening more interesting. From smart phone apps that remind to water the plants to gadgets like plant sensors, automated sprinklers, robot lawn mowers, scarecrow, blowers, solar tiles and many others are trending that make your garden more beautiful and tech-oriented. Recommended Reading:

Article by Bilal Sajjad Featured image: By Toby Ord – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, source

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