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20-Mar-2017 – Latest News Landscape Architecture March by Brett Lezon | Edition No. 3 out of 4 In this week’s Latest News Landscape Architecture we feature a proposed eco-city in Morocco, highlight an urban agriculture project in Atlanta, and examine why horticulture may be the key to saving the world. Additionally, we showcase a book about livable communities, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a resource about preparing the finishing touches to site plans in Photoshop.

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9 of the Best Stories in This Week’s Latest News Landscape Architecture:

• Architecture Plan in Photoshop Ep 2 Painting Trees and Finishing Touches [YouTube Tutorial of the Week] • Bold Proposal for New Bike Bridge Connecting Miami to Key Biscayne on Display at Coral Gables Museum • An Inside Look into Africa’s First Eco-City: Zenata, Morocco • Within Walking Distance: Creating Livable Communities for All [Book Review of the Week] • OMGEVING Landscape Architecture | Firm Profile • Thomas Woltz, Landscape Architect, on How Horticulture Might Just Save the World • Urban Agriculture Director Brings Fresh Produce to Those in Need • Little Havana Workshop Fleshes out Ideas for Neighborhood Master Plan • Innovations in Building Intelligent Cities • 10 Reasons Why Singapore will be Asia’s Next Design Capital (Click the headline for the full story)

  • Architecture Plan in Photoshop Ep 2 Painting Trees and Finishing Touches [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>>  Architecture Plan in Photoshop Ep 2 Painting Trees and Finishing Touches

Throughout, this 10-minute tutorial, the presenter reviews an effective approach for adding trees and finalizing plans in Photoshop. While styles for rendered site plans vary, there are several tricks that will improve your workflow. Latest News Landscape Architecture March – Related Article: 10 Photoshop Tutorials for Advanced Photoshop Skills

Since 2006, the existing Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami has seen four fatal cycling crashes. As a result, lifelong cyclist, Bernard Zyscovich, (also an architect and urban planner) saw this as a prime opportunity to improve the cycling experience. Two plans were devised, a more conservative Plan Z and a bolder Plan Z 2.0, which proposes a completely separate bike and pedestrian lane the entire length of the causeway and a link to the proposed Underline, a 10-mile linear park. For more information about the Plan Z project, click here. Latest News Landscape Architecture March – Related Article: What Makes Copenhagen the No.1 Bike-Friendly City? WATCH >>> Repurposing Rickenbacker Causeway to Rickenbacker Park – Plan Z for Miami

Sprouting from a national agenda introduced by King Mohammed VI, is an emergence of planned cities including Zenata Eco-City, which is an urban development project located in Morocco. Seeking to respond to growing urban populations, this plan is locally designed and managed with three core fundamentals: environmental, social, and economic. While Zenata is a 30-40 year project, progress is being made and the first development zone is complete. In addition, to its ambition to attract up to 300,000 residents, project officials hope to have 15-18 million visitors per year. Related Article: The Most Eco-Friendly Cities in the World and What You Can Learn From Them

In Within Walking Distance, journalist and urban critic Philip Langdon looks at why and how Americans are shifting toward a more human-scale way of building and living. He shows how people are creating, improving, and caring for walkable communities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Starting conditions differ radically, as do the attitudes and interests of residents. To draw the most important lessons, Langdon spent time in six communities that differ in size, history, wealth, diversity, and education, yet share crucial traits: compactness, a mix of uses and activities, and human scale.” This book will be released on May 16, 2017. Related Article: Top 10 Walkable Cities Related Article: How an Old Mine Became an Inspiring Play Landscape

More Top Stories in the Latest News Landscape Architecture March 

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