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    Recently I visited Jones and Jones in Seattle, WA with the UGA CED Land 4800/6800 West Coast Field Trip. Here is a project that they had completed that was successful:


    MUSC Urban Farm by Urban Edge Studio – Bill Eubanks, FASLA – Charleston, SC


    Only if I want to filter activity really quick…for management I receive way too much to output.  


    I tried Hootsuite to manage it all but the best is the desktop with double screens with the traveling mouse on both screens at work. Knock out time is seconds.

    Out of the office switching to an iPhone was the best especially for working with people on west coast time, other countries, or using Hotspot in non-wifi areas. Some position postings I receive require me to use the laptop or wait for work.    

    Facebook Personal plus 2 private groups 1 public group 19 pages ranging from UGA, organization, foundations, student groups, K-12, sports and business.

    Twitter Personal plus 2 business

    Instagram Personal considering the 2 businesses

    YouTube Personal plus 1 business (shared)

    Foursquare Personal and currently adding 2 businesses UGA CED and Big Dawg Running

    Tumblr personal (just starting)

    Pinterest Personal plus 1 group

    LinkedIn Personal plus 2 groups

    Google+ Person plus 1 business

    Land8 🙂 Personal plus 2 groups

    With the college page we collaborate as a team… with an overhaul coming.


    I’ve sent you an email.  I meant add CELA.  It’s international and they could possibly have some figures for you.  ~A


    Seriously???  There is a product called Weed Be Gone! Counter sue for his laziness to go to the store to purchase a bottle and actually use it.  


    Both are great opportunities to interact with the members.  I can’t wait to upgrade to an iPhone to test the app. Unfortunately I’m still Blackberry status. In the meantime I have a few alumni checking it out for me.  Thanks!




    For anyone interested there is a new show coming out on CBS called “Rob” with Rob Schneider as a landscape architect beginning January 12th @ 8:30pm.


    To answer the 5 year MLA question…it is 3 BLA/3MLA at Kansas State:


    Okay, here’s my 2 cents worth…at our annual career fair we’re averaging 30 firms coming from around 8 states entry levels $38-45K for BLA with MLA’s beginning around $45K. Interns beginning $10-12. While your in school get your hands onto anything that will give you experience regardless of what year you are in. First year, fouth year, grad it doesn’t matter just make sure that it is in your best interest and your resume..if your not sure ask a professor. I’m sure there are many opportunities available at each college. Any experience you have get it on that resume and portfolio before you forget. Keep it current to look like your on top of things and ready to post on this website for recruiters. The more experience better the salary. I’ve seen students walk out beginning at $45 with a signing bonus and moving expenses with just a BLA. Other things to consider is what is the firm paying for that your not seeing in your check…life insurance, matching funds for 401K’s, training, etc. Really look at the benefits they are offering and the cost especially health insurance make sure its worth the money. You also need to weigh in what you take home and the bills that follow it. Look at the cost of living…you maybe making tons but the area your in is costing more.
    Your career coordinator should be recruiting and building relationships with firms. The coordinator should have a library of firms ranging to small shops of 4 to EDAW. If your looking for mid then they should have a continuously updated list of contacts to give you. My suggestion for internship…work at your dream job or firm. That way you can determine if it is really right for you. After a day or two of drawing pipelines you may decide that the small firms may offer a better opportunity. People change their happens. That way your not wasting your time, costing you money and stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.


    I work with one of my professors David Spooner with the LARE offered at UGA. He offers 2 sessionsand may be able to provide you with some resource information or ask about the session coming open in the Fall. We have people register from all over…

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