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  • That was actually pretty encouraging! Thanks for that. It does sometimes feel like it is hanging over my head, Like I have something I have to get done!

  • I appreciate your responses! Just to be clear, I do not anticipate being handed a raise based on a sheet of paper I took a test for. I just wasn’t sure if a set billable fee directly determined how much you pay for the person who billed the hours.

    I have read a lot into the 1/3rd rule, and currently my billable time seems right on line with that…[Read more]

  • I typically create the base in autocad (flatten if needed), then import the drawing into Sketchup.  I use a lot of plugins to further cleanup the drawing in SU, also to join line, purge any unnecessary layers.  Then run “make faces” (another SU plugin) to generate faces of closed segments, then begin extruding.  
    After I am happy with the mo…[Read more]

  • Glad I saw this discussion…I have been debating whether or not to get a Wacom product. have not yet decided if i want to spend the extra to get a Cintiq or not.  Probably will just go with the IntuoPro or something similar.  Does anyone on here say that I should just spend the extra dim and get the Cintiq? Another question, Can you use these o…[Read more]

  • Is the new test perceived as being easier, or harder? Im not sure if there is a “fair” way to answer this. Unless someone took the old test and immediately took the second and then compared the results to see if they were extreme enough to draw a comparison. I have however heard that the computerization of the new test has practically ruled out a…[Read more]

  • Not really for free, but you can buy the study materials at the same place you sign up for the test.  I took the first one right out of school ( bought the study materials) aced the first test.  Still waiting to see the scores for the second but im sure I did fine.  They are pretty similar questions to what the test will have.

  • Thanks for the answers! I did kind of figure that this was probably the case.  Heres another one for you.  I was actually told a week or so ago that he needed to get me started at some smaller projects in the field for construction management.  What exactly is expected of me when i get out there?  I mean for now..I know what the plan says to do,…[Read more]

  • Another question…
    If I currently do not receive benefits other than paid holiday time off. And apparently after first year paid vacation and paid time off does the other “2/3” serve as added profit for the company? Everyone at the firms has their own private insurance. Should there be some sort of compensation to cover the expenses that I will…[Read more]

  • All of these responses have been most helpful! Like I previously stated I began playing around with array and it was very useful.  I also now have been playing around with the measure and divide which speeds things up a bit more!  I also downloaded the free trial of land fx on my personal laptop and it is great. just need to learn it a bit more. T…[Read more]

  • I started messing around with the path array command and found that you can control pretty accurately the spacing of plants. You can also tell it how many rows you want and everything. You can also hover over it when the command is done and add/ subtract plants in a row. And change the spacing. It’s pretty cool. Still need to check out land F/x!…[Read more]

  • I do see how this in “real life” scenarios makes sense.  I ask for organization purposes.  I am new to the profession. (2 weeks in) and was just wondering if there is a faster and efficient way to do this.  But I do understand your point.  Thank you!

  • Hello all,
    I was wandering if there is an easier way to place plants in a given (irregular) area, and have them spaced evenly apart. For example i have a given plant material that needs to be 15″ on center.  I usually set an array path and let it follow each outside edge but this still is imperfect and requires alot of adjusting to get the plants…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your insight!  if you wouldnt mind me asking what the typical salary/hourly pay would be for an intern? Also you mentioned that “Almost every real internship position I’ve ever seen says you must be working on a degree or certification”…does this apply if you are one day expecting to become a certified landscape architect?

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