Rocafort House Shows us That Simple is Beautiful

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Continued… If You Imagine it You Can Build it Everything comes together in this house: the combination of materials, their precise use, and the designers’ interpretation. Proportion and imagination are key elements of the design: If you can imagine it, you can build it. The designers have used visualization and harmony to create Rocafort House. It has function and character — components that give new meaning to simple and smart living. Architecture does not have to be blocks and skyscrapers; it can be volumes of art coming to life, masterpieces of great design in which uniqueness is better. Gathering together landscaping and architecture is the most interesting move that one can do. This is an example of what can be created when everything is well thought out.

Rocafort House

Rocafort House. Photo credit: Eduard Peris

Rocafort House

Rocafort House. Photo credit: Eduard Peris

Creativity Takes Courage In my opinion, we should read more about this design group and learn from its achievements and how it tackles every project with a unique point of view. I once read that “creativity takes courage” (Henri Matisse). I am certain that Ramon Esteve Studio has proven that with Rocafort House. Reshape your thoughts about art and living, because this house changes everything we can expect of “normal” architecture. What do you think about simplicity, nature, and architecture coming together?
Rocafort House

Rocafort House. Photo credit: Ramón Esteve Estudio

Full Project Credits for Rocafort House

Project Name: Rocafort House Architect: Ramon Esteve Studio Location: Rocafort, Valencia, Spain Size: 51,355m2 Built: 2005-2008 Collaborating architects: María Daroz, Olga Badía, Mercedes Coves Collaborator: Silvia M. Martínez Technical Architect: Emilio Pérez Construction: DOC Diseño y Objetivos para la Construction Project Manager: Javier Segrera Photography: Eduard Peris, Léa Chave, Silvia M. Martínez

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Article by Agmarie Calderón Alonso

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