The 10 People You’ll Find In The Studio


Some humorous observations from working away in the studio. Being in design school, you will find yourself around your classmates constantly. Sleep deprived all-nighters and coffee filled early mornings seem to bind us together. These people will be your best friends, critics, and inspiration. But everyone is different, so here is a list of the 10 people you will find in the studio. 1. The Coffee Addict If this person were a car, caffeine would be their gasoline. Ice coffee their unleaded, two shots of espresso their diesel, but never the unmentionable decaf – okay maybe on desperate mornings. A great friend to make for when you need a boost on a late night studio visit. 2. The Sleeper The sleeper really is the antithesis of ‘the coffee addict’. They seem to always been swaying back and forth. You will find yourself jealous of this person in their ability to fall asleep in literally every position while you spend the night tossing and turning worrying about deadlines. 3. The Teacher’s Pet The one that asks five questions about the project when it is plainly written on the rubric. The one that will always have a question, comment, and concern after a lecture. There is a teacher’s pet in every studio, just look for the constantly raised hand. 4. The Last Minute Noted for running through the halls just minutes before 8 AM, carless printing on pin ups, and some genius last ditch effort ideas. Many students take to this life style because they know working under pressure produces the “best” results. Some just like to live dangerously. 5. The Ghost Either they have a drafting table in the apartment, or I have no clue how they’re doing these projects without being here. We are all a bit jealous of the ghost being able to complete these tasks from the comfort of their own home. 6. The Supply Hoarder Need a specific brand of drafting dots? They got it. Need 5 different tones of yellow Chartpak markers? They got it. The Supply hoarder even goes all out by getting amazing carrying cases for all their gear. You love them, because you totally needed that mini glue stick set last week and couldn’t find it in any store. Related Articles:

7. The Resident They might as well be paying rent to the school on top of tuition. But let’s be honest, we all live in the studio sometimes. 8. The Luddite Loathes their computer and always seems to have the printer crash on them. Usually they day dream back to the earlier days of landscape architecture, before Autodesk was a company. They are the best for tips on hand rendering. But put Rhino in front of them, and headaches will come. 9. The IT The ying to the luddite’s yang. While they know every hotkey in AutoCAD, they can’t sketch to save their life. Go to this person for questions about your computer, but keep away when wondering about hand drafting. 10. The Best Friend The truly important one to you, you will meet them, guaranteed, during your time in the program. A lot of great friendships will form over your time in school, but your best friend will always be by your side. Honest critiques and fun times downtown. The studio is a breeding ground for friendships, you are destine to find your closest friend here. You will meet so many different personalities in the studio, it’s not right to lump them into strict boxes, but it is fun to see which category you or your friends may land in. Make sure to try to meet all of your peers. You’re in the studio to learn but also to grow. Meet friends and become a better person. Article written by Kevin Pfeiffer Return to Homepage

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