The Best News in the World of Landscape Architecture

News report by Brett Lezon 1-February-2016 The Latest News in Landscape Architecture 2016 is sponsored by ZinCo – Life on Green Roofs – Ecological and Economical Green Roofs, worldwide. In this week’s latest news in Landscape Architecture we feature exciting projects in Seattle and Boston, highlight Copenhagen’s plan to transform their parks into “sponge-like” ecosystems during storm events, and examine the future of landscape architecture in the Middle East.

Latest News in World of Landscape Architecture

Here are 10 of the Best Stories in the World of Landscape Architecture:

  • Why Copenhagen Is Building Parks That Can Turn Into Ponds
  • Leonardo Alvarez’s Point of View on the Changing Landscape Architecture in the Middle East
  • Walker Macy Designs a New City Park on Portage Bay That Will Open in 2018
  • The Transformation of Tel Aviv: How Cycling Got Cool in Israel’s Hippest City
  • How to Spot a Capability Brown Landscape at 100 Yards
  • Here Are Some Ideas for Designing NoMa’s New Park
  • National Aquarium Plan to Create $14M Waterfront Park Excites City Architecture Panel
  • Peterborough Canoe Museum to have Gorgeous Green Roof
  • Where Are the World’s Newest Cities…and Why Do They All Look the Same?
  • Copenhagen’s Bellakvarter Development Will “Further Strengthen” Danish Design Industry

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In an effort to address the effects of climate change in a more creative and more efficient way, Copenhagen has adopted a “green and blue” system, which allows parks and flowerbeds to fill with water while the storm runoff ends. The collected water can then be used to feed plants. Copenhagen instituted a Climate Adaptation Plan and in November 2015 the council approved 300 surface-based solutions to be implemented over the next 20 years. “The ambition of the Climate Adaptation Plan is to get technical solutions above ground,” says René Sommer Lindsay, manager for project in the neighborhood around Tåsinge Plads. “So when it’s not raining, there is still value in the space.Related Article: Copenhagen’s First Climate Resilient Neighborhood (link- )

In an interview with Leonardo Alvarez, FASLA (Discipline Leader/Principal at Perkins + Will) he offers up his thoughts on the landscape architectural strategies implemented worldwide and his innovative strategy that is focused on improving pedestrian comfort in the Middle East. From refocused ambitions of making Dubai a more pedestrian-friendly place to the transformation of constructing engaging, participatory landscapes—Dubai has plenty of work to do if it wants to become a landscape architecture epicenter, yet Alvarez is pleased with its progress. WATCH >>>  Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2015 @Expotrade

A new city park will soon be coming to Seattle. Currently occupied by the old Bryant’s Marina/University of Washington Police Facilities, this site will be transformed into a 1.65-acre park. Designed by Walker Macy, it will feature an amphitheater-like setting on the water. In addition, the park will consist of a beach, a small boat launch, piers, bike racks, and interpretive elements that honor the site’s Native American history. “We’re trying to pack a big punch in a really small site,” said Lara Rose, a Walker Macy principal and landscape architect. Seattle expects to start construction in late 2017.

Today in Tel Aviv you see people on bikes and most of them aren’t wearing special gear. In Israel’s coolest city, cycling is the hippest way to get around. However, it wasn’t always like this. Just over 20 years ago, four Israeli cycling enthusiasts suggested promoting the bicycle as a means of transport. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. “They were told that cycling was something for third world nations,” says Yotam Avizohar, director of the Israel Bicycle Association. Fast-forward 22 years and now Tel Aviv has about 85 miles of cycle lanes with plans to establish a massive network of over 90 miles in the region. Additionally, according to city council statistics, almost 15% of the residents of central Tel Aviv cycle to work or school. Yet, even with these impressive figures, Tel Aviv’s cycling network is vastly different than a European city’s infrastructure. “Most cycle lanes simply break off at junctions and it’s not always easy to find out where they continue – if they continue at all.” Related Article: How Did Tel Aviv Port Become the Best Design in Europe? WATCH >>>  Mit dem E-Bike durch Tel Aviv

2016 marks the tercentenary of the birth of Lancelot “Capability” Brown, often credited for the evolution of the English landscape garden. The English landscape architect designed over 170 parks and many still exist today. Known for his love of the ha-ha (a ditch used to separate the garden around the house from the estate), use of great expanses of water, and bridges to act as passages controlling the sequence of views—his style continues to be influential. Related Article: Top 10 Influential Landscape Architects WATCH >>> Was Lancelot Capability Brown a great landscape designer?

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