The Results are In for the CitiesAlive Student Design Challenge!

The Results are In for the CitiesAlive Student Design Challenge!

A HUGE thank you to all of the teams that submitted a design for the CitiesAlive Student Design Challenge for a new Tenderloin Community Center! The design submissions were viewed over 13,000 times with 2,361 votes cast and the winning entry with 1,043 votes goes to Ellis’ Grove, submitted by the team from Universidad Francisco Marroquin.


By the quality of designs, it is clear that the student teams spent the time to thoroughly examine and develop innovative design solutions which blend operational functionality with optimized ecological and community impact on their concepts. The thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and understanding of the challenge is evident in each submission!  


All teams will receive complimentary exhibition passes to CitiesAlive and will have their designs on display in the expo hall during the CitiesAlive Green Roof and Wall conference in San Francisco on October 23 and 24.  Team Universidad Francisco Marroquin, the winning team, will receive $2000 cash. Teams using Vectorworks as part of their submission will receive a free download of Vectorworks Software.


Thanks again to all participated!

Land8, Vectorworks, greenscreen, Permaloc Edging, LiveWall, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Ellis’ Grove | Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Students: Pedro Javier Escobar Fuentes, Luis Andres Gordillo Velasquez, Jogli Edbin Pedro Juracan Rosaales, & Hugo Roberto Sandoval Ruballos

1,043 votes…3,432 views


Life at the T.L.C. | Santa Barbara City College

Students: Trevor Zarker and Niles Brinton People

917 votes…2,282 views


A Green Canvas | University of Georgia

Students: Hiu Ting Li & Xiaoje He

128…votes 879 views


Farm Box | The University of Edinburgh

Thomas Chapman & Harriet Follett

119 votes…1,238 views


Urban Oasis | University of Colorado Boulder

Students: Anna Reynoso, Jack Alderman, & Brendan Hurley,

61 votes…808 views


GRIDLINES|STORM WATER | University of Colorado Boulder

Student: Cora C. Castagneri

30 votes… 611 views


COMMUNITY FAB.REC | Yale University

Students: Sheena Zhang, James Santana, Starling Childs, & Kendra FintzRandolph

27 votes… 688 views


Re_Create | University of Colorado at Boulder

Student: Hayden Schmucker, Marissa Finney, & Jason Fuhs

12 votes…591 views


Break Through | University of San Francisco

Students: Christine Haas & Rosanne Pitarresi

11 votes…567 views


Permeable and Productive | University of Colorado at Boulder

Student: Anthony Johnson 

9 votes…546 views

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