10 of the Best YouTube Tutorials for Drawing Perspectives by Hand

10 of the Best YouTube Tutorials for Drawing Perspectives by Hand

Article by Win Phyo We take a closer look at 10 of the best YouTube tutorials for drawing perspectives by hand Lately at Landscape Architects Network, we have been sharing our finest articles on hand drawing. It is obvious why we have been doing so, isn’t it? We want you to become the best possible designers you can be and become confident in the art of hand drawing. If you are reading this article, hopefully by now you believe that you don’t suck at drawing , know a little thing or two about improving your hand-drawing skills and may even, wait for it, have become a confident artist over the last couple of months! For you folks out there, landscape architecture requires a hefty amount of different technical drawing skills and one of them is drawing in three dimensions. This is a great drawing tool to really bring your design to life and it all comes down to being able to draw in different perspectives. Being the good messenger, we have compiled the best tutorials from our artistic teachers on YouTube.

Drawing Perspectives by Hand

10. How to Understand the Different Components of a Perspective Drawing WATCH >>> Linear Perspective Drawing Lesson 2/6 – Vanishing Points, Horizon Line, Cone of Vision

Did you know that a perspective drawing is a drawing made from the point of view of an observer? Well, to kick things off, in this video, the components of a perspective drawing are broken down, such as “vanishing points”, “cone of vision” and “horizon line”. This is mainly an explanation video with many examples to help you understand the key parts. If you find this useful, you should know that this video is a part of a perspective drawing series that you can explore in more depth. 9. How to tell the Difference Between Many Types of Perspective Drawings WATCH >>> How to Draw in Perspective

This is an incredibly useful video, which describes the different types of perspective drawings. There are the ones we have already heard of such as one- to four-point perspective and aerial perspective. However, there are other uncommon terms that may surprise you such as photo-perspective, perceptive perspective, parallel perspective and reverse perspective. For example, a photo perspective is drawn to look like you are looking into a distorted photo lens. Check out the video to find examples of the rest! 8. How to Draw a Room WATCH >>> Drawing a Room in One-Point Perspective

We can all practice the simplest form of three-dimensional drawing in any room that we are in, right at this moment! Your bedroom, living room, kitchen – these are all great practicing locations and this tutorial will give you good guidance on how to begin, using a one-point perspective. The features in this sample drawing only include a window and a bed, but that leaves you more room to explore with your own furniture! 7. How to Draw an Interior Setting; Public Transport WATCH >>> How to Draw Interior Spaces: 1-Point Perspective

This is a one-point perspective-drawing tutorial that illustrates the interior of a train. The artist talks through the video in a basic way and it mostly involves drawing multiple straight lines, making it easy to follow. This is a great tutorial for those of us who want to practice our sketching skills on the go. 6. How to Draw a City from Above WATCH >>> How to Draw a City in Three-Point Perspective

This video teaches us how we can create a three-point perspective drawing of a cityscape. Again, the sample drawing involves many straight lines so this would be great to practice for those of you living in a big city or visiting one. However, do you think this style of drawing can be used to illustrate our landscape design ideas? 5. How to Illustrate Your own Design WATCH >>>Bridge in the park perspective drawing #2 [narrated] | my own projects. See it here. This is truly inspiring; the artist uses their own design of a bridge in a park to illustrate in the three-dimensional sketch. One useful thing that he suggests is doing rough sketches before choosing the best one to draw in a larger format. You can also learn how to use different pencils to give tonal effects and to strengthen the look of the drawing. 4. How to Draw a Crowd of People WATCH >>> How to Draw People in Perspective

People occupy many spaces and chances are, you will find more than one person to draw in your sketch. Here is a great tutorial on how you can draw detailed and charming characters. The artist begins by drawing simple ovals and shapes before moving on to adding features and clothing, finally finishing off with shadows and pathways. 3. How to Draw Using Many Perspectives in one Sketch WATCH >>> How to draw perspective / perspective and landscapes / #1

More complex drawings require us to combine our knowledge of different three-dimensional drawing techniques to create a dramatic effect. This is an in-depth tutorial on drawing a landscape using one-point, two-point and three-point perspective of different features within the landscape. The tutorial is fascinating and useful for anyone who wants to take his or her skills to the next level. 2. How to Draw More Complicated Features WATCH >>> Drawing tutorial – Perspective | Kurs rysunku – Perspektywa [S02E06 ENG/PL]

This artist’s lesson was also featured in our Top 10 YouTube Tutorials for Drawing Trees and he is back again with another great tutorial on drawing a landscape in perspective. This is a great video to follow and practice your tree-drawing skills also. He uses the minimum essentials of simple geometrical shapes, tones and texture to make this three-dimensional drawing look elegant. 1. How to use the Rule of “Halves and Doubles” to Draw a Naturalistic Landscape WATCH >>> How to draw & paint landscapes in perspective

This artist has a unique approach to perspectives that can be implemented over and over again, particularly when it comes to drawing a natural landscape, like he does in this video, of mountains and waterfalls. It is only a short video but he pretty much sums up the main components of creating a three-dimensional perspective drawing and the end result will blow your mind! Whilst there may be tons of materials out there for you to practice with, it is definitely worthwhile to take a look at the videos above as a starting point. Perspective drawings can be the foundations for the designer to explain their ideas across clearly to a client at a meeting and they can certainly be the foundations for a slick computer render. We hope you enjoy practicing and don’t forget to show off your skills through our Sketchy Saturday Series. The latest series has some awe-inspiring perspective drawings submitted by our readers. Will one of the next groups of chosen drawings be from you? Go to comments Recommended Reading: 

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