Airborne Chicago to Seattle

As I flew over the rockies today I felt as if I was being teased with what I am going to be right in the middle of within the next couple weeks. The clouds would add to the suspense because the gaps between the very thick blanket would show bits and pieces of the snow-capped mountain tops. I was reminded of the Karesansui Sand and Stone Garden of Portland, Oregon. That garden was designed to be the mountain tops peaking over the clouds, a truly fantastic design. While the plane was making its decent I made the comparison in my mind to the same feeling as diving into a pool. Above and below the surface of cumulus is two totally different worlds, just as submerging one’s self in water. It was a great inspiration to an above and lower level design, I will for sure be taking this idea and running with it. 

Now I am sitting on the shore of the Puget Sound in Washington and it is absolutely beautiful. Photos are attached and my journey is only beginning.IMG_1805.JPG

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  1. Gorgeous.

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