Filmtastic Fridays – I Want to be a Landscape Architect

Filmtastic Fridays – I Want to be a Landscape Architect

In celebration of National Landscape Architecture Month, we’ve dug up an old favorite for this week’s film. Commissioned by Landscape Institute and produced by Room60, “I Want to be a Landscape Architect” offers a glimpse into the diverse range of landscape architecture and is sprinkled with inspiring phrases like “I want to be visionary” and “landscape architects shape the world we live in.” Although the film doesn’t go into specifics, its artistic execution is great for piquing interest in the profession, especially with the younger generation.

From the description:

If you are thinking about what to study at university or looking for a career change, if you care about the environment and the places where we live, work and play, this film aims to help you decide ‘I want to be a landscape architect!’

To find out more visit: [url removed]

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  1. Fantastic–beautiful–I think your movie should be required in every middle school and high school in the United States–it is greater than activism–landscape architecture is about building and maintaining.  Your story makes it very clear.  Absolutely great!

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