Seljord and the Legends Creates New Ways to Experience Cultural Landscapes

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Continued… Boosting the Economy With Cultural Landscapes Seljord and the Legends is a rural district development project in which physical design, art, and cultural experiences are utilized as a strategic instrument in development. This project proposes that through the use of art, architecture, landscape, and cultural experiences, the local economy can be supported or even increased. While the project was expected to be used and enjoyed by locals, it was also intended to share the culture of the region with tourists unfamiliar with such important local legends. The added benefit of allowing visitors to experience the cultural landscape for themselves is a boost to the local economy.

Seljord and the Legends

Seljord and the Legends. Photo credit: Dag Jenssen

Seljord and the Legends

Seljord and the Legends. Photo credit: Dag Jenssen

Seljord and the Legends

Seljord and the Legends. Photo credit: Dag Jenssen

Feste’s project is a physical representation of the legends that are so important to maintaining the shared heritage of Seljord. It provides scenic, economic, social, recreational, and educational benefits to the town while also aiding visitors in gaining a better understanding of the local culture of the landscape. Seljord and the Legends has taken a site that was already spectacular and enhanced it with the addition of art installations relating to local legend. It can serve as inspiration to all landscape architects struggling to present cultural landscapes in an imaginative and memorable way. Are there any other projects you can think of that so effortlessly convey the culture of a landscape to visitors?

Full Project Credits for Seljord and the Legends:

Project name: Seljord and the Legends Designer: Feste Landscape (Norway) Location: Seljord municipality, Telemark county Client: Seljord municipality Design period: 2008-2011 Year of construction: 2011 Area: District development project with several different project sites Budget/cost: 19.000.000 NOK Chief Landscape architect: Tone Telnes, Feste Feste Landscape Chief architect: RintalaEggertsson architects Artists: Ellen Grøstad Barstad, Trygve Barstad, Ingrid Lene Langedok, Knut Hølje Odden, Kristine Brodersen, Gunnar Torvund, Torhild Grøstad and Philipp Dommen. Photographer: Dag Jenssen Show on Google Maps

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