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Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture 2023 – Winners!

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Here are the winners of the 6th Annual Social Media Awards in Landscape Architecture presented by Land8 and the American Society of Landscape Architects! Social media has the power to significantly increase the awareness and importance of the profession of landscape architecture, and Land8 and ASLA believe industry leaders in social media should be recognized and promoted. Be sure to follow the winners to help grow and promote the profession!


1. EDSA Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook
At EDSA, social media goes beyond posting on traditional outlets. It serves as a form of education, self-discovery and thought leadership regarding some of the most pressing topics facing our industry. A continuous feed of projects, ideas and ideals, we promote the pivotal role landscape architects play in the formation of our future world. In addition, we work diligently to ensure our employees find their own voice as they heighten firm messages through their personal passions and beliefs.

2. TBG Partners Instagram | LinkedIn | Blog
TBG’s social media strategy remains rooted in our commitment to elevate landscape architecture. Year over year, it has evolved from educating about our profession to demystifying it, recognizing our societal role, and amplifying collaboration. At its core, it embodies the spirit of our firm – “one firm, many voices.” We lean on our talented designers, encouraging them to share their passions and contribute to future conversations, particularly advocating for environmental and social justice.

3. NAK Design Strategies – Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook 
Several years ago, when we opened our social media accounts, our goal was to promote understanding and awareness of the landscape architecture. The years have passed, and our goals have remained the same, but out approach has shifted. This year, we decided to go back to our roots and original vision for the company and “put people first.” Our projects are always focused on delivering results for our clients, but we couldn’t get there without our talented, dedicated team of staff.

4. Landart Design – Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube
We believe that social media can help us better understand and appreciate the world by sharing experiences and knowledge. Our aim is to connect people with similar interests, e.g. in relation to parks, green spaces, biodiversity and biophilic design, etc., taking into account different perspectives to provide enriching posts for all followers. Our goal is to foster a community that celebrates the beauty of the built and natural world while emphasizing inclusion.

5. CMG Landscape Architecture Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook
With a curated mix of compelling, high-quality images, videos, drawings, and behind-the-scenes takes, CMG Landscape Architecture’s social media channels showcase the impact of our work, as well as the artful, collaborative, and technical nature of the practice. We aim to educate and share the value of landscape architecture and CMG’s role in creating beautiful, resilient, and equitable places. We hope to inspire our communities, collaborators, clients, and future generations of designers.

6. Asakura Robinson – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
Asakura Robinson engages followers by creating posts that promote, support & educate all on the art of landscape architecture, equity & sustainable practices. The environments & communities we impact take center stage as we celebrate the people / places that make our industry thrive. This year we participated every day in the World Landscape Architecture month, and we included more reels/videos to draw followers into the world of AR. This year, video reigned supreme!

7. Kłyk Landscaping Instagram
During this year I focused on introducing video in the form of shorts. In the mass of visualizations created by Ai and those generated by rendering engines, I focus on authentic shots from gardens. Of course, the algorithm means that we have to publish more often, so my posts will also include visualizations presenting new projects. I still believe that gardens can have rock star viewership 🙂

8. dwg. – Instagram | LinkedIn
Through our social media, we aim to make landscape architecture approachable and understandable to people both inside our industry and beyond it. We balance education with humor, highlighting the process and the people (and often the fun) behind the work. We believe in the transformative potential of landscape architecture, and through our media we advocate for our discipline to be the catalyst for a more sustainable, artful, and engaging urban realm.

9. Clark Condon – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
Our mission statement of stewardship, equity, and resiliency guides everything we do. We offer a glimpse into our firm’s daily activities and provide in-depth project snapshots, shedding light on the collaborative and creative processes that drive our passion for design excellence. Moreover, we provide insight into how projects and our firm culture embrace our mission. We strive to inform, enrich, and celebrate all facets of landscape architecture, encompassing art, passion, and science.

10. Michael Vergason Landscape Architects Ltd. – Instagram | LinkedIn
MVLA shares images of our work as an invitation to conversation with peers and collaborators. Our social media presence is a reflection of our values. We share hand-drawn concepts and close-up photos of great craftsmanship. We feature images of people living in community, healthy plants, and moving water because they are at the heart of our best work. We hope that others will find inspiration in what we share and that they’ll connect with us when they’re ready to collaborate.


1. Eric Arneson – Instagram | YouTube | TikTok
Eric Arneson, known online as @pangeaexpress, is recognized for his engaging Instagram presence where he shares insights into the design process of his California-based firm, Topophyla Landscape Design. His account, boasting over 95,000 followers, features a unique blend of quick tutorials, memes, and explorations into new technologies including drones, 3D Scanning & AI, reflecting his enthusiasm for experimenting with new technology, especially in the realm of landscape architecture.

2. Nahal Sohbati – Instagram
Nahal utilizes Instagram to increase understanding and appreciation of the field. Her platform gives a look into the ebb and flow of her design process. She provides resources pertaining to design, technology, and horticulture, to benefit her fellow professionals and students. At the core of her efforts is the desire to connect with and foster a community of people who like to learn and share, as well as to inspire new enthusiasts to join the world of landscape architecture.

3. Carter Roy – YouTube | Instagram | TikTok
I use social media as a platform to teach and explore the world of landscape architecture. Helping students, prospective students and professionals to better understand the field and visualize their future ideas, designs and other endeavors in this great field. Finally, Design It Green hopes to inspire the next generation to improve the environment and promote better health for people and cultures over time.

4. Liwei Shen – Instagram | LinkedIn
On Instagram, I showcase the aesthetics of landscape architecture as it intertwines with daily life. My content ranges from my award-winning fictional projects to the temporal moments of built landscapes. I incorporate diverse elements, including worldwide landscape photography, aerial views, machine learning, and digital art explorations. This platform also serves as a hub for collaboration with architects and urban designers, fostering a dynamic community of design professionals.

5. Maci Nelson –Instagram | Podcast
The Landscape Nerd (TLN) is an edutainment podcast/ social media profile for the nerdy side of landscape architecture. TLN was created to spread awareness of the landscape architecture profession and promote conversation across disciplines and industries. Through these platforms, I am bridging the gap between the profession and outside influences that impact our design processes- such as art, music, movies, and travel.

6. Mike Albert – Instagram
Mike’s passion, discipline, humility and his unique and unwavering desire to incorporate solutions that marry human engagement within the natural systems they inhabit is reflected in his diverse Instagram grid. His residential work has earned respect and long-term collaboration with many of the nation’s most progressive architectural design voices. His stunning outdoor spaces he creates to his travels capture his perspective on the power of landscape architecture to shape the world around us.

7. Kiley Aguar – Instagram
Quintessentiallykiley and friends leverage their social media platform to share homegrown, organic memes inspired by day-to-day experiences, general thoughts, and ethical dilemmas. The “s***posting” page is stylized to express humor, aiming to inspire, educate, create community, entertain landscape architects, and elevate the field’s visibility to a broader audience.

8. Salma Samaha – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
Following the pandemic, I’ve turned to social media empowering people with simplified sustainable outdoor space concepts for them to reconnect with nature and be actively involved in the planning of their surroundings for better human and Earth health.

9. Olivia Pinner – Instagram
I use Instagram as platform to share a personal series of collages. Composed of photographs taken at various landscape architecture and public art projects (ongoing), I aim to highlight unique material combinations and imply alternative spatial configurations as opportunity for design intervention. The sites are sometimes mundane, which I believe is important, as landscape is so often overlooked.

10. Nick Straabe – Instagram
I utilize social media to elevate firms, individuals, scholastic programs and allied organizations to bring awareness to others within the profession who might not see the works. It is also a platform that several individuals find more comfortable to have an abbreviated industry conversation.

Top 10 Social Media Accounts – ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS

1. Landscape First – Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn
Landscape First is an online platform that carries out a precise cultural challenge: to show the different facets that landscape can take on and the opportunities it offers us to improve the quality of life of communities and individuals. Landscape First support those who operate in the transformation of cities and the territory, from public to private entities, promoting reuse operations, care of public spaces and urban spaces, active citizenship practices and social inclusion projects.

2. Urbideias – Instagram | TikTok
Urbideias offers technical solutions and visual interpretations of urbanism and landscape, in an innovative, gentle and didactic way, combining depth, critical perspective and unique views. We believe that landscape architecture can go in addition to its utilitarian function, being able to create spaces that awaken emotions, stimulate the senses and enrich people’s lives. We main goal is to democratize the content to many people, at the same time, from different locations.

3. Landscape Architecture Foundation – Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
We use compelling images from LPS briefs to advance awareness and integration of landscape performance in the field. We highlight emerging landscape architects from our Ignite and Olmsted Scholars program and promote the work of practitioners who are pushing the field toward more sustainable best practices. Finally, we connect with students and professionals who can use our scholarships and researching funding to address pressing issues such as climate change through the discipline.

4. Kansas State University Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning – Instagram
Since 2015, the LARCP Department at KSU has used its social media presence to promote landscape architecture through education, collaboration, and relationship building. Posts inspire prospective students and broadcast current events in the profession. Additionally, the account collaborates with adjacent disciplines, like landscape architects in the field. The platform promotes the career through engagement and relationship-building with alums and local organizations.

5. California Polytechnic State University Instagram | Facebook
Cal Poly Landscape Architecture uses social media to promote student success and the “Learn by Doing” philosophy – from studio work and field trips to study abroad and professional events, and more. We also share highlights for faculty, alumni, and industry leaders – the wider network of support for our students. Our social media celebrates department activities and accomplishments to share what landscape architects do to make the world a better place and attract more students to the field.

6. ASLA Florida – Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook
The social media efforts of the Florida Chapter of ASLA builds a sense of community among its members and followers. This involves highlighting projects, promoting events, spotlighting members, and fostering discussions around relevant issues. ASLA chapters like Florida play a key role in mobilizing landscape architects and allied professionals to support the profession at the local and national level, with social media as a tool to reach their audience.

7. LABash Conference – Instagram | LinkedIn
Each year, the LABash Conference engages, educates, connects, and inspires landscape architecture students around the country on various topics within landscape architecture. Social media posts promote this student-led conference by providing information on registration, funding, speakers, lectures, and activities to build excitement and support for the event. The account is passed along to other universities as a tradition (KSU to UC Davis this year), serving as an archive of past conference hosts.

8. Earthscape Instagram | Facebook | X | LinkedIn
To highlight the key role of landscape architecture in placemaking and community building, Earthscape always tags and recognizes their collaborative and inspirational landscape architecture partners – the heroes and leaders who advocate for cherished public spaces. When images of their playgrounds are shared, they are promoting the critical work of landscape architects in creating these unique places. Their followers include a diverse audience of urban designers, playground aficionados, developers, parents, and play researchers.

9. Landscape Forms – Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Blog
Landscape Forms’ social media mission is to artfully promote the many different facets of landscape architecture and illustrate how they work together to benefit people and planet. We aim to share inspiration and invite conversation, showcasing our design partners, vital industry organizations, innovative projects and the firms behind them, the young professionals guiding our industry forward, and our own milestones in design innovation, sustainable manufacturing, and positive company culture.

10. Maglin Site Furniture – Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest
Maglin is a committed partner to landscape architecture professionals. It is through their skilled hands that our products contribute to the lived experience of built environments. Our social media presence celebrates the landscapes our products inhabit, illustrates our manufacturing process, and promotes education opportunities and industry events. Vitally, social media is a communication tool for continuous learning that allows us to respond and grow as a manufacturing partner.

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Please visit Land8 again in December 2024 for next year’s call for nominations!

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