Wave Hello to the Simcoe Deck

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As the second Wave Deck on the Toronto Harbourfront, the Simcoe Slip has officially opened for public enjoyment! I’m absolutely in love with West 8‘s super sexy form designed to emulate the natural form of waves that make up this amazing deck.

The last time I wote about this, it was still under construction. Of course, the first thing I thought when looking at the construction photos was that there’s no way it would be near as cool once they start sticking all those darn safety features on. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the rails totally work and in fact, actually add to lovely curving form.

Simcoe Wave Deck

However, eventhough there are rails in the area of the steepest portion of the curves, the railing then dives behind the backless seating benches to allow people sit such that they can face inward towards the deck or outward towards the water for a direct engagement. Amazing! I saw several examples of waterfronts in Europe that had details like this one that I drooled over…knowing full well that we’d never get to build something like that here the US. Instead we would have benches set back and with rails between the people and the water.

Simcoe Wave Deck
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With the steep slopes of the curves, it would seem an obvious question as to whether people could actually walk up and down the deck safely. One flickr member took a picture of the detail and points out that the “seemingly impossible slope at the newly opened Simcoe Street wave deck [is] easy to walk up and surprisingly safe to walk down due to the tilted hardwood boards. The whole effect is gorgeous and unexpected.”

Simcoe Wave Deck
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Adriaan Geuze, landscape architect and urban designer from West 8, said that the wave deck has no specific program. West 8 wanted the deck to inspire and enourage people to step off their normal path and engage themselves with the waterfront. But I bet that no matter how they thought people would use it, they didn’t expect kids to treat it like a slide! It’s always amazing to see how the public ends up using new spaces and what kind of unexpected events begin to form.

Simcoe Wave Deck
image via restorationcomedy

Simcoe Wave Deck
image via pmccabn600

Simcoe Wave Deck turned slide!

Simco Wave Deck turned slide!

Simco Wave Deck turned slide!
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  1. Very cool! In the U.S. it has lawsuit written all over it though…LOL

  2. I looooooooooooooooooove it!!!
    Agree with Christopher, ha ha!!!

  3. This is GOOOOD!!! Are’nt all successful designs so simple in thought

  4. One of many more to come for Toronto’s Waterfront by West8+DTAH.

  5. I bike by them everyday and they definitely look great! Toronto is finally growing up.

  6. very good idea..

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